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Aug 06, 2012

really liked it

Last week I read the fuck out of Gillian Flynn's catalog. Three novels in eight days while my wife and kids were out of town and a sweltering late July marooned me in one of the house's two air conditioned rooms. So although this review is primarily for Sharp Objects, my favorite of Flynn's trio, let me go on record with Gone Girl (four stars, go read another of the zillion of reviews) and Dark Places (three stars, maybe too many narratives perspectives and too willing to wallow in the muck) as well, but I'm not writing reviews for those two. Sharp Objects, to me, stands out as Flynn's best so far. The narrator and the storyline don't dance with each other in a seamless, synchronized manner; family history and unwritten community norms mosh-pit it up until the collective response to the murders reminded me of that Soundgarden video where all the faces go funhouse-mirror-y. This narrator isn't a shining heroine. She's very human, supremely fucked up, trying to make sense and move forward. Maybe that's what makes Sharp Objects so interesting.

Highly recommended, Sharp Objects is the kind of book one could characterize as a summer read. This is the rare novel that both devoted and casual (yes, that sound you hear is me turning up my nose) readers will appreciate, as long as they can handle the psychological darkness. Good for any season, not just a summer read, even. My nose just turned up a little higher. I better stop now before I'm looking at the ceiling.

(By the way, if I haven't said so yet, Gillian Flynn is knee-weakening cute.)
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Michelle Now I want to read this one.

RandomAnthony I think you both would like her work...Metro, beyond Gone Girl.:)

message 3: by Rita (new) - added it

Rita I've read Dark Places and enjoyed it. Am very curious about her other two novels.

Janice I've read Dark Places and enjoyed it. I listened to it on audiobook and they used different people to narrate the different characters which may have helped. I will eventually read Sharp Objects, but right now I'm very keen on reading Gone Girl.

It's refreshing, in a strange way, that the protagonists in Gillian's books are not likeable.

Laura Great review. I also read the GF catalog over the last week...now I'm looking for similar thrillers to continue the streak!

message 6: by RandomAnthony (last edited Aug 12, 2012 12:29PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

RandomAnthony Thanks, people. And Gillian Flynn just recommended some of her favorite books on B and N!


message 7: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez She mentions The Alienist on her Fave Books list. That's a good one, and I don't particular care for mystery novels, but it appeals to my nerdy love for historical fiction; Teddy Roosevelt is a major supporting character in this novel. Good stuff.

Michelle RandomAnthony wrote: "I think you both would like her work...Metro, beyond Gone Girl.:)"

I did, RA. I think I liked this one more than Gone Girl.

RandomAnthony Awesome! Are you writing a review?

Gus, sorry, I didn't see your comment until now. Notifications suck. Have you read any Ross MacDonald?

Michelle Awesome! Are you writing a review?

Naw. I only do that when the spirit moves me, and the spirit hasn't moved me very often during the past year or two.

I'm debating on reading Dark Places, but I think I want to read something else first. Plus, you and Mike only gave it three stars so I'm not in any hurry.

message 11: by April (new) - added it

April Monte I, also, read all of Gillian Flyn's books. In less than two weeks...love her and cannot wait until her fourth!

Vanessa I liked your review, though I've only read this one. Agreed with it- all the way through "knee-weakening cute." Awesome.

Holly I preffered sharp objects to done girl but will hunt down dark places n give it a go

Susan (the other Susan) I like that you "read the fuck out of Gillian Flynn's catalog." It is a bit like a contest, isn't it, between Reader and Flynn? I keep hoping to trip her up. (Me: "I totally saw where this was going. Take that, bitch!") But Flynn keeps winning. She might well be cheating, but if she is she's awfully good at it.

message 15: by Gord (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gord i think you've nailed all three in your review and ranking

Dylan S•••I This may be the most bad-ass review ever. You do know how to review a book, my friend. Five stars to your reviewing skills.

Valerie Solberg Totally agree with your order. I liked Sharp Objects best, followed by Gone Girl and then Dark Places too.

RandomAnthony Ha, thanks, Dylan and Valerie...:)

RandomAnthony Uh, if you're worried about sensitive and impressionable children, you juuuuuust might want to steer them away from this book. Also, you must be new here. Fuck shit whore damn. Get used to it.

message 20: by ariel (new)

ariel RA on the ohthr, Will def take advice from crazy lady on the intenret.

RandomAnthony Right now I am sodomizing a goat while worshiping satan. You should report that too.

Hey kids reading this! Sodomizing goats and worshiping satan is fun! Go try it!

RandomAnthony Also, why does speaking to a female mean I'm still in diapers, you perv sicko?

message 23: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason It is so funny to me that somebody will come onto a stranger's review just to assert herself as somehow better than that reviewer. Better for being more mature, better for using what she qualifies as more appropriate language (because she is queen, apparently). What an uppity snot. Seriously, who does that?

message 24: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Besides uppity snots, of course.

message 25: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Tarrah wrote: "Grow up. I am done responding to you."

Actually, you were the initiator/antagonizer. The diaper guy was merely responding to YOU.

Just thought I should point that out.

RandomAnthony And I saved a goat for her, even.


message 27: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Some people are so ungrateful.

Michelle Tarrah wrote: "Tarrah Allise So, just wondering why the needed to use the F word. Kids use this site and you should be an adult and speak like one."

1. Kids under 13 are not supposed to use this site.
2. I would think kids 13+ (and even 13-) would have heard the word 'fuck' before ever reading RA's review of an adult book that doesn't appeal to their demographic and probably wouldn't be on their Goodreads radar.

message 29: by Jason (new) - added it


message 30: by Miriam (new)

Miriam RandomAnthony wrote: "And I saved a goat for her, even."

If she doesn't want your goat I'll take it. But in the interest of honesty I must admit I'll be cooking and eating it, not sacrificing it to Satan, so if you had it earmarked for that don't hand it over.

Alyson I too sped through all 3 of Gillian Flynns novels and am on edge waiting for more!! Loved them all. Any suggestions for follow-up books by other authors with similar themes/writing style as Gilllian??

Susan (the other Susan) Similar to Flynn? That's a tough one.

message 33: by T.R. (new) - rated it 5 stars

T.R. Horne awesome review. reading it now.

Alicia Devero Hmmm I was still fighting over this book or Sharon Bolton's, which completely corrupted my mind in the past few months, but after reading this unconventional review :-) I feel so utterly intrigued I think the decision is easy ...

Sofia Barreda Luna Anthony, Sharp Objects is also my favorite novel from Gillian Flynn's books! I agree with your point of view of the narrator, Camille isn't a hero, she's rather human. She is mentally disturbed, yet she tries to move on with her life, I think her strength makes her character very interesting.

message 36: by Mariel (new) - added it

Mariel Gonzalez I totally agree with you, although I havent read other Gillian Flynn's books, I suspect that what you are saying is true. Camille has some serious issues and that makes it a super interesting novel to read. It is cool to see it with that kind of point of view.

message 37: by Sarah Rutgers (new)

Sarah Rutgers I read this after gone girl was disappointed couldn't get into it same. Gone Girl was best read of my entire life, 2nd is Green mile Stephen King

message 38: by Jody Harralson (new)

Jody Harralson No thanks. To this book. To this site. All of you. Out.

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