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Year Zero by Rob  Reid
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Aug 05, 2012

really liked it

First off- this book is not my usual fare. I rarely read Sci-Fi, but I picked this up after reading about it in Entertainment and thought the premise was intriguing. This book, if anything, is a whip-smart and cheeky reflection on our current society, and deals with fame, social networking, and music in a highly entertaining fashion. The pop-culture references were funny and made Nick feel very relateable as a hero. Sure, in a decade these quips might be outdated, but they are funny as hell right now.

Year Zero included some more complex scientific concepts (at least for my high-school knowledge), but Rob Reid, through the voice of Nick, managed to tackle these topics in a way that was easy to understand and actually interesting. Being new to sci-fi, this book opened my eye to the sheer possibility of things out there that are possible from a storytelling standpoint.

had created a universe that has a diverse cast of characters, and so many insane tangents within it. The story was a fairly easy read, and the witty commentary kept me coming back to read it whenever I had a free moment. the plot around the middle is a bit more crowded and muddled, but the last 50 pages are chock full of hairpin turns. Some of the moments in Earth were unbelievable- how Nick and Judy managed to convince people about alien conspiracy without much doubt.

Overall, Year Zero is hilarious, and I couldn't put it down. If you love absurdist social commentary in your narrative, you'll like Year Zero. Recommended.

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