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Crimson Rising by Nick  James
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Aug 12, 12

bookshelves: 2012
Read from August 05 to 11, 2012

Full Disclosure: I received an Advanced Reader's Copy of Starship Academy: Crimson Rising from Flux Books.

It's been a year since I read Skyship Academy The Pearl Wars 1. My advice to anyone who wants to read Crimson Rising is to read (or re-read) Pearl Wars before picking this one up. I'd forgotten a lot, so I wish it had all been fresh in my mind. Fortunately, that didn't take anything away from my enjoyment of the story, as I quickly got lost in the adventure.

Assuming this is going to be a trilogy, Nick James has managed quite a feat. He's pulled off the literary equivalent of The Empire Strikes Back. For the Star Wars fans out there, it's a fair statement to say we all agree that Empire was the strongest (and darkest) movie in the original trilogy. It was the job of Star Wars to introduce the world and suck us into the story. Then, in Empire, everything went to hell in a hand basket and left our heroes with some pretty deep doody to wade through to save the world in Jedi. I present to you that Nick James has done the exact same thing here.

Crimson Rising is excellent, far superior to its predecessor. Not to take anything away from The Pearl Wars, but book two is just amazing. James, having successfully introduced his world, giving us some awesome heroes to root for, has neatly dropped us all into the hand basket. Hello, crap…meet fan. Jesse and Cassius just thought things were bad at the end of The Pearl Wars, but they quickly find out that only the surface has been scratched as to what's actually going down. So bad is it, in fact, that by the end of the story they're forced into an unlikely (and perhaps untrustworthy) alliance with the last person they'd ever expect.

Nick James, I salute you. Excellent work. Once again, assuming this is a trilogy, and there are no Ewoks in book three, you may well have written one of the best and most original sci-fi sagas to come along in a long time. I can't recommend this one enough.

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