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My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
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** spoiler alert ** Okay I guess I should start by saying that this book (in my totally weird romance novel obsessed fourteen year old girl way) was really good.
First I will tell you things that I liked about this book:

1. Jase and Sam act like seventeen year olds and not like immature fourteen year olds (and being fourteen I see enough of that) I read a lot of YA novels where the main characters act five years younger then they actually are and I find that offensive to teenagers. Not all of us are looking for love or sex. In fact I know a lot of teenagers that claim to be "forever alone".

2. Mrs. Garret ignored the people that (how do I put this?) made comments about her big family. I get why Jase is so mad about that, I mean who does something like that? You don't see me going up to Michelle Duggar and saying "did you know there's this new thing called birth control?" In fact I love big families, sure it's a little weird to be expecting a ninth kid but if the Garret's are happy with their life then way to go them!

3. George was the cutest four year old ever, I want a little boy to call me sailor super girl :(... Lol

4. Patsy was so cute and funny because all she knew how to say was "poop" and "boob" and it was just hilarious. I love it when little kids are in YA novels.

5. Tim was willing to stop his drug and alcohol addiction even after being a druggie and alcoholic since he was in grade seven. It's hard to get over addictions. And even though he came across as a loser and an asshole during the first part of the book he made a drastic recovery and became more mature. Whether it was for Sam, Alice, or himself I am unclear on.

6. I was totally rooting for Tim and Alice to be a couple and I was so disappointed when it didn't happen... It's Kick Buttowski and Kendall Perkins all over again. I kind of liked their relationship, sort of a love/hate relationship. And anyone who knows me knows I love all love/hate relationships.

7. It takes place in summer and I love summer romances. I even tried writing one once but i failed at that, lol.

8. Sam loves astrology and knew every star in the night sky. This set her apart from most heroines in YA novels because I've noticed that a lot of them just know how to text and that's it. Teenage girls do not always text, I know I certainly don't.

9. Tracy was hardly in the book and there's something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. She struck me as being a slut, and the fact that she pulled "bad girl" tricks while her mom was working late really irked me. I mean hello? If your mom is ignoring you call freaking child services or talk to a therapist.

10. Alice expressed herself freely, she died her hair many colours (and I go to an arts school so i know a lot about self expression and my best friend has blue hair).

Even though i loved many parts of this book there were moments where i was at a loss for words and i was like what the hell was that. And now things that I hated about this book:

1. Jase is kind of the typical YA novel boy. Hot body, awesome hair, athletic, musician. The only thing that irked me about him was that he was football cornerback, how freaking typical is that?? And one other thing is that he plays guitar. How many hot and sexy football players are there in YA books that play guitar. I mean not all hot guys play sports and guitar. A guy I dated is just as good looking as Jase and he plays Modern Warfare 3 and saxophone.

2. Nan was kind of a bitch. I don't blame her for wanting to leave her old life but if she is always envying Sam then by all freaking means she should have told her. And if Nan were smarter then maybe she wouldn't have been caught by Sam cheating. And another thing, she could have forgiven Sam because if after everything Sam is still a loyal friend then she is worth hanging on to. The only thing that I liked about Nan was that she was a ginger, I will never know why but I love gingers.

3. The mom is pregnant with a ninth child. Why is she having another baby if she can hardly afford college funds for the eight she currently has.

This brings me to my next point

What happened to Mr. Garret? When did he get out of the hospital? What about the family? What happened to Sam and her mom after they moved? And why the hell did they move??? I mean I get it with Mrs. Reed hitting Mr. Garret with her car and then driving away but they are not pressing charges so stay and give them a friggin chance.

I give it a 4

<3 Avery The Librarians Daughter <3
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