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Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
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Aug 05, 12

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I am actually reading this book... I usually check the comments by other readers before starting a book, sometimes follow the advice when they say "dont read this book", or "best book ever"..

With Eternal Straling, i just wanted to read it, i liked the covert, and i liked the summary.... but i'm now at page 60, and all i wanna do is smack Alex, because he's such a control freak, and smack Evie because eventhough she keeps saying that she's such an independant woman, she agrees to let him stay at her place because he saw someone who might be dangerous .... he didn't tell her why/what the story behind the man, but give her choices that infuriate me: Either stay 24/7 with her at her palce, with her not talk to anyone... or move away ...

All i kept thinking while reading those lines was WTH???? Please tell him how crazy he is, please don't agree to those stupid choices!!!

I will try to finish this book and give maybe another review... i hope the following is much better... and i really hope who ever is the 3part in this love triangle shows up soon, and that Evie will end up with hom, coz so far, i can say that i HATE Alex's character.


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