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Thud! by Terry Pratchett
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There is a surprising gravitas to THUD! that marks it out from the rest of the Discworld series. Despite never losing sight of his trademark humour and mysticism, it is one of Pratchett's most politically serious works. In it, he really tackles multiculturalism for the first time, and takes a particularly hard swipe at religious fundamentalism.

Consistently exploring the theme of an "internal darkness", THUD! draws uncomfortable parallels with our own world, and forces the reader to examine what he or she feels about concepts such as religious vs. civic law, community, nationality and impact of self-ghettoisation. However, it is not a book without hope. Though the cynical politicians, idiot mobs and innocent deaths are heartbreaking, we also witness mankind's incredible potential for reconciliation and (through Sam Vimes' newfound journey into what it truly means to be a father) ability to strive for what is true and pure and important in the face of chaos. This duality of man's hunting / preserving instincts is an important aspect of the story, as during one stand-out sequence Pratchett uses his principal character to explore the pitfalls and dubious benefits of giving in to our most primal rages.

Pratchett is certainly not to everyone's tastes, and if you find the slightly awkward and formulaic humour grating this won't change your mind about him. However, if you are open minded or an occasional reader of the Discworld series, make THUD your next port of call.

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