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Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Aug 04, 2012

did not like it
Read in January, 2012

Too much going on...

Supposedly this books main issue was Richard getting arrested over rape charges, Anita comes to the rescue and since Jean claude makes a confession about how jealous he is of the way Anita leaves everything and everyone behind to go help Richard, I knew I was finally gonna be able to see Richard and Anita picking up the pieces of their relationship and taking it up a notch.
Well I was right, they had wild crazy sex and I was content.
At some point Anita meets this pack and suddenly the story isnt about Richard any more but freaking Verne werewolf and some Colin vampire master of the city and another necromancer and the freaking police department and a psychic and even a demon raiser, finally even Jesus Christ himself appears in the last fight.
Once again Anita makes out with just about every character in the book, she keeps picking up powers from the wolves and the vampire and her own necromancy.
There are so many things going on in this book it is ridiculous, oh and the part where she happens to be far far away in a supposedly undercover mission (rescue Richard), knowing the master of the city didn't grant her or her people access to his territory and somehow the cops find out she's in town and they call her to take a look at a body... Really?
At this point I will be happy if Raina just takes over her body and soul, I just hate how much of a whore she is but she manages to be prude. I wish she would shut up after doing something sexual, I hate how she feels self conscious afterwards.
At the end of the book when all the praying and religious crap starts I was very frustrated. Don't care for religion in my books, thank u very much.

Any way, this was probably the worst book so far.

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