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The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall
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Aug 04, 2012

it was ok

[copied from my comment at Dear Author] Heh, The Carhullan Army. Read that years ago. Didn’t work for me that well. If I remember right, I repeatedly thought “Oh, get on with it!” while reading. There was quite a bit of self-analysing, navel-gazing and brooding whilst in the howling Cumbrian moors. I actually don’t mind this sort, but there were too many ideas and not enough characterisation to make it all worthwhile.

If I were to describe it, I’d say: “Oliver Cromwell meets Boudica with touches of the IRA, The Beach, The Lottery and WWII-era Land Girls in decades’ time, but it reads, sounds, feels and smells like a WWII novel set in the countryside”. As a whole: interesting idea and lovely writing, but mediocre execution and frustratingly ambiguous ending. Did have its moments, but not enough for this reader.

My trusted reader friend still adores this book, though. She deems it as one of best SF feminist novels of the 2000s.

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