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A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown
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Nov 23, 08

When Cupcake Brown was born, her mother put the name Cupcake Brown on her birth certificate because she was so out of it she couldn't think of anything else to name her. And for the first 11 years of Cupcake Brown's life that was an endearing story the family told to tease her mother. When her mother dies and Cupcake finds out that her father is not biological, and that her biological father has custody, her life falls apart. You know how our lives fall apart sometimes and we talk about how miserable we are and sad, but we still have our friends and brothers and sisters and even parents? In Cupcake's case (at this point she has to go by LiVette) she's taken away from her father and uncle by this "sperm donor" (as she calls him) and is sold to a woman who basically takes in foster children to abuse them and uses the money she gets for them to keep up her beautiful EXTREMELY neat home. Cupcake/LiVette sometimes goes days in a row with just one meal. And things go downhill from there.

I don't know that Cupcake Brown was born to be an author or that she was just born to write one great book, but this story is gripping and devastating and inspiring. And yes, very well written.

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