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Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe
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Dec 13, 2008

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bookshelves: scifi-fantasy
Read in December, 2008

Ok, my edition had 816 pages, not 600, but it could have been pared down to 400 and only improved. It was definitely written toward a young adults perspective, but what young adult would have the prerequisite attention span to tackle it? Even my 12-year-old son--who owns and regularly reads several 25 pound dictionaries, who also picked up The Hobbit by JR Tolkien and read it at age eight--took one look at this tome and acted like I'd tried to hand him a blood sucking bat.

Of course, it's a translation into English from Japanese, so perhaps the disconnect over a story that would, for the most part, interest a younger age-group being too long to appeal to them can be culturally explained. This could be a particular American ADHD issue.

As an adult, I found the story too young to truly interest me, so the 800+ pages became an issue of just how stubborn I can be. I'm here to say I spent days longer than I wanted to on it. But on a whole, though the tone was fairly preachy and heavy-handed, it was a message I would be happy for my young-adults to read--if only I could persuade them to read it.

Which won't happen.

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Nathansbud Uh, Excuse me, I'm 10, and I picked this book up because I thought it looked awesome. News flash, it's Awesome

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