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Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
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In book two we meet Shade, a Seminus demon from the first book. He is Eidolon's younger brother and the two could not be more different. Shade is ruthless when it comes to breaking hearts, he can't and won't stop himself from pleasuring a woman, any woman, in sexual need and he does not care for love. In fact, he flees as if his pants were on fire and he has a very good reason for that. Enter Runa, the human female he briefly dated during the first book and whose heart he smashed when she caught him in bed with two otherwordly females. Obviously, the two start off rocky. Being captured, put in a dirty cell and tortured does not help the already uneasy situation. At all. Add to the mix an unexpected cruel twist, courtesy of their captor, and you get a very unwanted and at the same time desired inescapable all-consuming love and lust.

Unlike Pleasure Unbound, which mainly focuses on the main couple, Desire Unchained is also a story about Wraith, who is my faborite brother, as well as Kynan and Gem, who I desperately wish will get their HEA and who definitely have some issues to work on. This is probably why I enjoyed the second book much more than the first one. Wraith has stolen my heart the moment he appeared and seeing more of his character, understanding him better, made me turn the pages like a madwoman. I cannot wait to read his book because instead of sating my hunger this book made it much, much worse. I also cannot wait to see Kynan and Gem's relationship reach some sort of conclusion because I adore them both individually and together and seeing them hurt is not all that pleasant. Luckily, the main couple kept me happy and entertained and the vicious cruel plot engaged and interested. Now that the world has already been introduced, Ione can fully concentrate on the plot and the romance and oh boy, the romance is too hot for words. Where Tay and E had a gentle albeit sudden relationship in which they healed and balanced each other, Shade and Runa are two broken halves trying hard to hate each other and failing badly. They fuck, they argue, they lie, they hurt each other yet by the end of the day they end up together and not just because they have to, no matter what they keep telling themselves. I found myself head over heels in love with the pairing pretty much from the very beginning and I will definitely re-read the book just to see them again.

As for the plot, well...(view spoiler)
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“The problem with having evil minions is that minions are stupid.”
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Karolina Sounds riveting! What is it about those broken and dark characters that's so enthralling...

Julija It's like a perfect mix of Lover Eternal and Lover Unbound. Gods, I love this book and its characters! There is indeed something unexplainably enthralling about messed up characters. I want moooooooooore!!!

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