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Darkness by Joann I. Martin Sowles
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Aug 03, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on August 03, 2012

For People Who havent read it:

Darkness is a good second book in the Brookehaven Vampires series. We get to not only see more into Laney and Olivers lives, but also get to know his family a little better. In this book you get to see more into the lives of Issac, Hayden, Julz, and Felix. They spend a majority of the book at Oliver's house, so there is quite a bit of the other characters in this book. But you still get a lot of Oliver and Laney of course. There relationship faces some hard struggles in this book, Laney realizes she doesn't really know Oliver or much about him. We also get to see a lot more of Carter in this book, not going to tell you why, its nice to see Laney interact with someone other than Oliver.

Overall it was a good book, the title definatley reflects the events that happen in this story.


Let me just start by saying, if I were Laney I would of left Oliver a long time ago. Through a lot of this book I just wished I could slap her and bring her to her senses. I feel like she doesn't stand up for herself with Oliver, like when she finds out he's Julz maker. That should have been the last straw! She should have made him take her out of that house, but no he freakin makes googly eyes at her and then she's over it.

I feel like she should have more of a mind of her own, I mean I know she is all in love with him and there like soulmates. But still she should stick up for herself, and not just brush off everything so easy. It was a freakin breath of fresh air when she stays mad at him after her Aunt dies. I felt like she had all this anger from everything else towards him, and heer Aunt dieing just released it.

Oh and I'm not even going to talk about Julz, she just pisses me off so much! Ugh! I can't even talk about her!

I did find myslef likin Carter a lot more in this book, more than Oliver. I feel like Olvier is always hiding stuff from Laney. And for awhile I kinda hoped she would pick Carter. And even though He proposes to Kiera in the end I think he still likes Laney. He only made up with her cause Laney wanted him too.

Anyways even though all the complaining I just did, I did actually like the book. I love Laney even though she does get on my nerves, and I love Oliver too. Im excited for the next book.
I wonder if we'll find out more about whatever Felix and Hayden have going on? ;)

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