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Serafina and the Silent Vampire by Marie Treanor
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Sep 17, 14

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I absolutely love the premise of this series. You see, Serafina ‘Sera’ MacBride is a psychic who runs her own psychic agency in Edinburgh, Scotland – called Serafina’s . She’s a fiery lady made tough by her foster home upbringing. She’s a lot less superstitious than most of her clients and not averse to use her psychic gifts to make them happy – with a little help from her friends. As her reputation grows she gets a chance to snag the biggest job of her career.

Notably, Ferdinand Bell, a former financier, has hired Serafina’s Psychic Investigations services. As it happens, Ferdy suspects there’s a vampire stalking his family. Sera doesn’t believe in vampires but she’s willing to take the case as Ferdy and his wife believe in all things paranormal and are active in their circle.

So we first meet the heroine when she’s in the midst of a party hosted by the Bells to celebrate their son Jason’s new promotion at the bank. Sera is in her element. Together with her childhood friend Jillian they are setting up the scene, hanging garlic and stakes all around the house to the guests’ amusement. One of Serafina’s staff, Jack, is there too, incognito. According to the plan he’s supposed to cut Jillian’s cousin Tam with custom clippers to make it appear like the vampire stalker’s attack so that Sera can scare the fiend away afterwards.

However, the plan backfires. Sera finds Tam in a trance with bite marks on her neck and a mysterious man loitering around. Then another tragedy strikes and again looks like it’s caused by vampires, only Sera doesn’t want to believe in it. She’s sure the stranger she encountered holds the clue to the mystery.

All this action is packed into the first 30-50 pages – I was instantly hooked. But it gets even better!

Blair, a third generation vampire is the Master of Edinburgh. He is not amused by the goings on in his area. There’s a big influx of strange vampires who are causing a lot of trouble, endangering all night feeders with exposure to the human public. Blair needs to find out who these newcomers are and put an end to it ASAP. He tracks one of the new vampires to the party. While there he decides to snack on Tam and so gets acquainted with Sera who, he instantly sees, is – or can be – much more powerful than she thinks.

Only a vision of a mysterious auburn-haired vampire from Blair’s past convinces Sera the vampires exist and he’s one of them. They form an uneasy alliance in order to stop the enemy but Sera’s still unsure whether to trust Blair or not. On top of this she’s got a problem with the police too – they also got wind of the case because what’s happened at that fateful party now is happening all over Edinburgh…

It was really hard to put this book down. If not for the demands on my time, I’d have happily spent a couple of hours and read it in one go. The author knows how to write a paranormal romance that will satisfy you and at the same time leave wanting for more – in a good sense. I liked the changes she made to the vampire lore as well – her vamps are pretty original. We are also given an insight into a job that has been stigmatized as a fraud. I loved the way Sera handled the people who accused her of being a fake. Little did they know how right they were! I’m sure the fans of other series by Marie Treanor will enjoy this new one. I highly recommend the book and give it 5 couples.

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