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Misconceptions by Naomi Wolf
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Aug 16, 12

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Misconceptions is all about the "ugly" side of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. While it's nice that something like this exists that's not sugar-coated, I had a really hard time reading it. Everything was so negative and it made me feel guilty for having a good pregnancy, childbirth, and feeling happy about being a mother. Why does every sentence in this book have to be a complaint, rant, or pity party? Parts of it felt judgmental or made me feel shame - for instance, when she discusses morning sickness. At one point she discusses her struggle with morning sickness and feels the need to defend it by saying "interestingly pregnancies complicated by nausea and vomiting have a more favorable outcome than do those without." Is that an absolute? I'm looking at my daughter right now and I'm thinking she's REALLY favorable, and I was lucky enough not to have morning sickness.

Some of the things she complains about seem unnecessary. It's one thing to talk about the medical field, natural birth vs c-sections... but at times she would complain about things like indoor play spaces. I get that it's nice to have your child play outdoors, but when there's no safe environment, I don't see what's wrong with letting your child go to an indoor play area with other children. Is this something to make mention of? Is it really that big of a deal? Some of her other examples also seemed extreme. She would talk about adoptive parents not wanting a child because it's latino, or a woman using her eggs to get back at her ex-husband. I don't think these are things that happen every day.

I get that the book is titled "Misconceptions" so it's obviously about the negative side. Women and men SHOULD know that not everything will be easy, but personally it's a hard pill to swallow when I just want to be positive.

I want to like it more. I want to be a feminist and yell I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR! But, this book just doesn't do it for me. I think it would be great for someone who maybe just began her first pregnancy. But for me the book was just too negative and highlighted so many of the things I heard over and over again from friends and family members. Trust me, you learn more than you want to know when you're pregnant because everyone loves to give you "advice" and comments.

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