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The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
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Aug 02, 2012

it was ok
Read in July, 2012

I read this book very quickly on the back of the first one and let me say it whipped along at the same sort of pace
but what bothered me was how bloody proficient everyone is and yet they are all rubbish compared to Leesha
there comes a point when you just have to go Mary Sue and start boiling the tar and plucking the goose for feathers

For all the ideas in this book, some of which were clever, it was ultimately undermined by what appeared to be Wonder Woman in disguise, there was nothing this woman couldn't do with only a little education, and she was beautiful (black haired, blue eyed, huge bosoms - again I cry Wonder Woman) and it completely soured the book.
I liked Inevera's manipulations, I believed it, but then the instant she meets Wonder!Leesha she became little more than a spitting child, undone by jealousy. Jardir, a complicated and interesting character, led around by the nose by Inevera, became just another swain of the creature
I'm half convinced she's the core's Queen because everyone else seems to be in love with her

also the rapidity with which these people picked up the martial art it took the Krasians years to learn beggared belief

All fiction asks for a simple suspension of disbelief, we are presented with a world with defined rules (set by the author) and within those rules we are happy to go, we know it's not real but when we're reading it might as well be, so we treat it, with that stricture in place, as real.
but this is the equivalent of sitting down to an evening of true crime dramas and finding that they were all solved by Batman, who then told Superman who beat them up a bit and locked them in a prison behind the sun.
It didn't just jar, it completely threw me out, and even when things escalated within the story, I just didn't care any more.
In the first book I trusted Leesha as a doctor, she had trained for it, she had practised for years, but then she became the best warder everTM and could do all these amazing things in a low cut gown with her only real weakness her mother (probably the best female character in the series! even if she is a one note symphony)

I will finish this series because... well, if I can read all of Robert Jordan when I kinda got bored around volume 4 this isn't much of a stretch, but really, when you're reading a book and the only thing you can think of is why don't the demons eat her! then it's not a book you're going to advertise a lot.
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Dono West Yeah, I was definitely confused by Leesha's sudden abilities. Like you wrote, she studied for years as a healer so we expect her to be good at that. Instead, her role as healer is minimized and now she's magically (pun intended) a ward witch capable of intricate and powerful warding.

Even more jarring is that somehow she's better at warding than the Warded Man. I mean, come on! Let's compare, Arlen: a lifetime of warding under desperate conditions culminating in the discovery and application of ancient/powerful wards. Leesha: a year hanging out with Arlen.


Tomek I agree on the art of sharusahk being picked up by everyone in a flash (Wonda, Renna); Leesha, I had a less of an issue with but it was a bit much.

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