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Blink and Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones
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Aug 02, 12

it was amazing
Read in August, 2012

This is an extremely good read! read it if you like mystery/thrillers/some comedy/ non-cliche romance/ deep characters

Genre : mystery/ thriller/noir (sort of)

Plot : the book is from 2 characters points of view; Blink (a 16 or so boy who lives on the street as his step father is abusive) and Caution (18 or so girl who lives with her abusive drug dealer boyfriend). Blink basically stumbles across a fake kidnapping plot when he is trying to find breakfast in a hotel and sees it as an oppotunity to make some money. Caution meets Blink, and at first tries to use him but then cant help but love his naive, kind nature so they become partners in crime to try and make something of this kidnapping.

Characters : Blink is a naive, sweet boy who is just trying to…well live really! his hates his stepfather so he left his house (hence why he is living on the street). he may have some (low) form of mind issue (mild ADHD possibly?) as he has this habit of continuously blinking and there is this ‘person’ inside him he calls ‘captain panic’ (who is obvious the feeling-panic). the sections that are from his point of view are written like you are the voice in his head e.g. “you see the muffin and cant help the deep grumbling in your stomach” (not as lame as that obviously… ;))

Caution on the other hand, is an insecure, depressed, suicidal girl who lives with her boyfriend- an abusive drug dealer- as she doesnt want to live at home for a reason which is slowly revealed throughout the book. her sectons are written in 3rd person and you really get a feel for what a messed up, depressed person she really is.

Conclusion: a really good read, at first you dont know what the actual mystery is (as there are a couple throughout the book, in the plot and characters) but never the less is an amazing, emotional book which is hard to put down!


Plot: 9.5/10 very interesting and deep…but at the same time isnt depressing…and it doesnt drag on either! though at some points i was wondering what it had to do witht he plot, but all is revealed in the end!

Characters: 11/10 very in depth and interseting, unique characters. you cant help but love Blink.

Text: 11/10 well written, unique way of presenting it and the author gets across what he means in a detailed way that isnt boring and confusing.

Setting: 8/10 not described as well as the characters as it often changes…but still good imagery :)


Overall: 11/10 amazing book, MUST read, different from most other books I have read!

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