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Crash by Nicole  Williams
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Aug 02, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

Decent read, although some of the things that happened had me thinking, "Yeah, riiiiiight." First of all, I don't care how freaking out of it I am, and I have had something similar happen to me that Lucy's parents did with their son, if some dumbass group of kids tried SETTING MY DAUGHTER ON FIRE, I would've been furious (huge understatement) and pursued the putting away of these kids relentlessly. I felt like Lucy's parents just reacted w/ a "Meh" response. Huh? Also, when Jude took the mic from the principal, um, I'm a public school teacher & that would never fly at any school that I've taught at. Guess maybe Williams was trying to show the vast (ha) difference between the private school Lucy had attended & her new school? When Jude joined the game at half time after not having practiced with the team one day then became the star quarterback, I had to snicker. Seriously, I'm a former college basketball player and a coach for the past twenty years, so I've been around sports for a long time, and w/ the thousands of kids I've taught, I've never seen that happen, nor have I seen a kid dare to go onto the field & suggest anything to a coach. Oh, and after Jude scored, he jumped the fence to have an impromptu make-out session w/ Lucy? Yeeeeah. One last thing... the center doesn't call the snap, the quarterback does.
Okay, with all that out of the way, I truly enjoyed this story. I really liked the characters & thought Williams did a good job of developing them for the most part. I love hot, bad boy alpha males, so Jude was my favorite character. I felt bad for him & hated that he thought he was bad news & Lucy shouldn't be with him. I liked that she was there as a friend for him for the most part. I think the story panned out well and I liked how the characters reacted to situations as kids that age would. I'm not a big fan of books where a 17 year old girl acts like she's 30 when it comes to making decisions. The problems presented were resolved in a realistic way & the ending was, although predictable, sweet. Overall, this was a nice read :)
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