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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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Aug 01, 2012

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Read on August 01, 2012

Let me start off by saying, I'm an Ilona Andrews fan girl. To this point I've loved 100% of everything this duo has done, 5 stars for everything! Gunmetal magic was a big disappointment for me for a couple of reasons. First off, Andrea seems like a not as awesome shadow of Kate. Kate is a much deeper character than Andrea which is fair, because she has like 5 books, but I don't get any depth from Andrea in this book. I feel like she stumbles from situation to situation, acting like a badass and waving guns, and doesn't really solve anything. Oh and Raphael is thrown in there occasionally, not acting at all like a mated shapeshifter. He walks in on Andrea and Roman and Roman has his hands on her and Raphael is basically just like yeah whatevs. Curran with Kate would never stand for that! And it seemed like in this world mates are super possessive and Raphael wasn't like that at all, ever! Also, the whole romance between Raphael and Andrea was awful and stupid. They both want to be with each other but they both just come up with these godawful stupid reasons not to forgive each other. At least Kate and Curran had excuses being Roland's daughter and the beast lord, but Andrea acts like a spoiled teenager; you can't understand me! I am too fucked up! Raphael is just like hey you hurt me!! I can't get over it! Ugghh.

This was a disappointing installment for me, the novella about Dali and Jim was much, much better for me. I'll be looking forward to the next Kate Daniel's book for sure, but I probably wouldn't pick up a sequel about Andrea and Raphael!
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Sarah Actually, the whole "hey you hurt me!!" response happened with Kate and Curran, too - I think that was one flaw I really didn't like with this book. Raphael and Andrea had a misunderstanding, just like Kate and Curran did, but then they made up through silly shapeshifter mating rituals wherein they broke into each other's homes and altered things/added things. I think I felt like it was almost like a "follow the Kate and Curran formula." I did still really like the book.

Kyndall That's true, I guess I just felt like Kate had a better reason than Andrea not to get close to Curran since her family will kill anyone she is close to. I think Kate came to the realization that if she didn't take a chance, she would be miserable and alone her whole life planning on an attack that hadn't happened yet. It just felt like Andrea was whining the whole time, there wasn't really a threat to her life, and it was her own stubbornness that kept her from Raphael. And I expected to be Raphael a little bit more bad ass too, a little bit more like Jim in his novella. I won't stop reading this duo by any means, this was just a weak point in the series for me.

Sarah I think both Andrea and Raphael were being whiny, so I agree with that quite a bit :P. Raphael actually made me more annoyed, but I also was upset at Andrea in book 4 of the Kate series because she didn't go help.... She knew who the bad guy was and some of what she was capable of. I feel like she should have helped. The bigotry in the Order is so deeply ingrained, I don't know that she would ever be able to change it from the inside.

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