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The Witch Of Portobello by Paulo Coelho
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Apr 09, 2012

it was ok
Read in September, 2007

I really, really wanted to like this book. I've heard wonderful things about Coelho and was excited to try him out, I love topics that deal with witchcraft and things fantastical, and I'm a sucker for redheaded heroines.

But ...

I found this novel and its ideas on the nature of spirituality really preachy, pedantic and overblown. I was so annoyed by the middle of the book that I nearly put it down, but the cover art convinced me to keep trying. Surely the artist must have been inspired to create such a beautiful cover ... except that in the publishing world, cover artists rarely have time to read the books they're designing for, so it's unlikely there was much "inspiration".

I'm going to give The Alchemist a try once I have a new library card at the Cambridge Public Library, but I'm not going into it with too much hope. Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised.
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Darla Do try The Alchemist. I was quite disappointed by The Witch, but it didn't damper my love of The Alchemist. It did, however, give me pause before jumping it to other Coelho books.

message 2: by Bon (new) - rated it 1 star

Bon Soufi I had exactly the same experience... not sure if am gonna proceed with Alchemist before a long pass of time as I have been told that Coehlo always have this preaching style.

Bookie I just finished Alchemist, I didn't like it at all. Man of desert, woman of desert, soul of world, wind and desert talking, i was so lost and so tempted to stop reading.

Jennifer You described my feelings perfectly!

Heba El-hosary that's so me.

message 6: by Yasaman (new)

Yasaman You will be blown away by The Alchemist.
You also described my feelings on point about The Witch.

Shero10 The big failure to make intimate reading relationship with Coelho himself, not on a reader like me. The cause is that, no reader knows what does he want to see.
Certainly I invite miss Ally to read "Alchemist", just to find how exhausting can anybody feel when s/he dares to read it. P. Coelho tries to tell us, that this novel is inspired by an oriental mythology and atmosphere. Meanwhile, he tried to tackle it from a western eye, that makes human being as the center of the universe (western approach) ; an extreme to the Oriental approach in which the sight is extremely opposite. Moreover, it's too much vague.

Coelho has fans world, but I have become no longer one of them.

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