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Girl Genius, Vol. 1 by Phil Foglio
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One of the best - if not THE best - web comics I've yet read, Girl Genius has a long and detailed plot that incorporates a lot of inventive world-building and alternative history, all around the idea of a late 18th-, early 19th-century Europe where some people have "the Spark:" an indefinable affinity for crafting outlandish and extreme science fantasy gadgets (a bit like Rajandra Das in Desolation Road). Agatha has the opposite of the Spark: while she has enthusiasm, she has absolutely no ability to create gadgets whatsoever (everything she touches ends up malfunctioning spectacularly). It's filled with memorable characters and lots of humor, and the story continues to this day. Each volume is better than the last, as you come to appreciate more and more how much effort has gone into creating the backstory before the tale even begins.

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