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The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi
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I was so excited to read this book after hearing author/illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi speak about the inspiration and personal journey from which it sprang. The illustrations, leading every chapter and interspersed strategically throughout enliven the story, and will make this story, in the classic epic tradition of Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, completely irresistible to upper elementary and tween readers for whom it is intended. Eva Nine has grown up in complete safety, with all of her needs met by her artificially intelligent Sanctuary and her Multi Utility Task Help Robot, or Muthr. As she begins to come or age, Eva longs not only to explore the outdoor world beyond her sanctuary, but to finally meet other humans. But, when sudden calamity forces Eva to the surface alone, she finds that things are not at all what she expects, and the path to her future quite precarious. Along the way she meets numerous creatures, some dangerous, and some friendly, that seem like hybrids from various sci-fi and fantasy tales. Children and tweens will be captivated by Eva and her fast paced adventures, and will probably not be bothered by my one minor criticism that DiTerlizzi may have pulled a little too much from his inspirations and popular culture so that much is predictable and familiar to readers who've read the epic tales mentioned above, and another which I won't name as it's an instant spoiler, but when you read the last scene you'll think of it too... Still, an engaging tale with great illustrations for boy, girls, young men and women, readers and reluctant readers alike. enjoy.

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