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Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz
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Aug 01, 2012

really liked it
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Read in May, 2012

I enjoyed this story overall. I liked it better at the end than I thought I was going to at the beginning. This is one of those stories that you really need to finish to fully appreciate how well-crafted the plot actually was.

Mother Joanna, and her two grown daughters Freya and Ingrid live quiet lives in sleepy North Hampton, New York. Ingrid works at the library, and Freya is a bartender at the local inn, while Joanna redecorates their house and bakes. It all sounds rather dull.

Except, the three women turn out to be immortal witches. Witches who were caught up in the Salem madness, and censured by their overseeing Council banned from ever using their powers again and not drawing any attention to themselves. And everything stays quiet . . .

Until bad things suddenly start happening to the good people of North Hampton. Both Freya and Ingrid are coaxed into using their powers to help our their friends and neighbours with small spells that couldn't do any harm - or could they.

As the odd occurrences pile up, and things the sisters have done that seemed harmless come back to haunt them, it becomes clear that something much more sinister is going on, and that the Beauchamp women will need to band together and fight to save their town and maybe even their own lives!

The story does start off a bit slowly, and initially the Beauchamp women are not likeable people - AT ALL! In fact, at first I was considering not sticking with it because I really found both Freya and Ingrid irritating and unpleasant. But the hints of the story to come was interesting and I was curious where the author was going with it.

At the end, I was very glad I stuck with the story, because clearly the author had a very detailed and well-thought-out plot that the early part of the story absolutely lived up to. I liked the world she created, and I enjoyed the Norse flavour she gave the witches, which is a unique and unusual twist that most paranormal fiction doesn't use.

I also liked that there are multiple hints in the rest of the story that tie everything together quite cleverly in terms of the ending, even though there is a set-up for a next book, if you pay attention and look back over the entire book once you've finished. It's a thing with me that authors finish each book, even if it is a series. I don't mind a continuing storyline, but I dislike authors who leave a reader hanging on the edge of a cliff and making them wait a year or more to find out what happens, so I like it when the author gives a proper ending to the current story and THEN sets up the sequel. To me that's the mark of a really good writer and this book delivered that.

I enjoyed this, and will definitely read the next book in the series to see what happens to the Beauchamps next.
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Kimm Thank you! I am 28% in and was thinking of putting this one down (i hardly do this) Your review helped me stick with it.

Kristen I'm so glad you found my review helpful Kimm! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! Thanks for your comment.

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