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Behemoth by Peter Watts
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Aug 11, 2012

it was ok
Read from August 01 to 08, 2012

I have the version with both books in a single copy.

While it is nice to see the ending of the series, and a ray of hope for the future, this was the worst book in the series in my opinion.

It hits like the ending to the remake of House on Haunted Hill. Great effects and tension throughout the movie till the end...when they are chased by a badly rendered ink blot. One sees that and thinks that it was going so well, what the hell happened?

The rifters seem to have gone crazy with paranoia waiting to explode. Once a mutated virus comes into play they are set off. I guess the argument could be made that it makes sense with really deranged personalities, but the entire group acts like an insane asylum for murderous psychotics on PCP (and access to explosives). Lenie seems completely paralyzed with doubt, which is understandable given she ended the world, but it gets old very quickly. It was really hard to read though, and became a hard slog. I felt this part of the story was harder to believe (in terms of characterization) then plastic joke vomit.

The corpses seem to act in a pretty rational way when confronted with murderous lunatics with the power to kill them all with itchy trigger fingers. Such as when they give medical aid to people to have their doctors brutally beaten and threatened. Then have their leader brutally murdered while trying for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. After that there is no consequence except the rifter leaders sending themselves on (presumably) a one way mission to see the world. Those people they didn't really listen to in the first place.

When the rifters come onto land and investigate what is going on, it gets more interesting. You get to see what has transpired, and they work towards saving what they have destroyed. It's still dark and depressing like the rest of the series, but in new locations.

The worst story line was the chief lawbreaker in Rio. Every one of his chapters were either psychotically deranged murder porn, or glimpses into the past of a twisted sociopath. It went from adding depth in the second book, to nauseating and frustrating in the third. A few chapters of that story line added knowledge of what was going on, more then half could go and make a much better story.

At least a story where you don't end up in the bathroom scrubbing yourself down with borax and drinking turpentine to kill the brain cells that remember the passages.
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