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The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner
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Aug 01, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** I really enjoyed this book. I haven't really been interested in a book for a while, so it was exciting to have a book which I didn't really want to put down. Of course, I read the first book first and as I have heard, this was a great story. The first few chapters of the book happened quickly. There was no hanging around, waiting for the queen of Attolia to decide what to do with the Thief, the decision was just made. His hand got cut off. I like that there was no beating around the bush.

Eugenides' anguish and self-imposed confinement wasn't even boring to read. I completely sympathized with his character, and there were no exaggeration given when he was in pain. I think that is what really emphasised his internal feeling of torment.

The Queen of Attolia is very clever and M.W. Turner is very clever in depicting each of her characters in this book. Even when I thought it was out of the blue that Eugenides was in love with the Queen of Attolia, at the same time, it wasn't completely unbelievable. Nor was it, when she reciprocated that love. There was always some subtle thing that happened or happens that makes it credible.

I'm very interested to see in the next book what happens when Eugenides becomes King and what his relationship with the Queen be like. In some ways, he must still fear her.

Given 3 not 4 stars because I usually give more than 3 stars to books I can read over and over again. This is not one of them, although I'll probably read it again when I have forgotten what happened in the story.


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