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Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais
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I recently re-read this story after buying the 2nd book in the series to refresh my memory what the story was about. It was just as addicting as the first time I read it, though I recalled fairly quickly what it was about.

Dana is an independent werewolf and one of the strongest heroines I've seen in a while. She reminds me a lot of Muriel from Langlais' Princess of Hell series, except without the dark sense of humor. Dana has a lot of issues to work through and overcome as she rejoins her old pack.

I wasn't overly impressed with Nathan in this story or the 2nd one, but I suppose in a way I can relate. He never seems to say or do the right thing when it comes to Dana and it's pretty dang cute seeing him practically tripping over himself to set things right.

However, while I can appreciate Nathan's situation I don't care for the way he handles it. He forces Dana into situations she isn't prepared for, he orders her around like a child, and he acts like a total dick to her - making me wonder what she sees in him.

I was a little annoyed at first when Dana invoked pack law to claim two other males just as a way to get back at Nathan. In fact, a lot of things she does is to just get back at Nathan. I can't help but feel that she was a little too manipulative for my tastes, which was why I couldn't rate this one 5 stars.

Her other two mates have more believable chemistry with Dana, but they're still lacking. The mating fever between them was a bit overdone and unromantic.

Her mating with John was a manipulative and selfish at first, though she came to appreciate and love his patience. Her mating with Nathan was something altogether different and frustrating. Since I don't want to give anything away, let's just say that I'm still shaking my head at the two of them even after I've read the rest of the story. Kody's mating was generic and ultimately just a kinky sex scene, but I still appreciated it more than the other two.

On top of that, towards the end we're introduced to a full-out vampire/werewolf hybrid storyline. Honestly, I would have preferred a little more originality from Langlais given how different her characters tend to be.
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Sassy Smut Great review! I'm on book three now. You are so right about the matings in book one. Nathan pissed me off and shouldn't even be alpha after his mating stunt. Dana used John even though he was the best man for her. She acted so immature in her actions with her mates.

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