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The Mediterranean Billionaire's Secret Baby by Diana Hamilton
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Jul 31, 2012

really liked it
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7-months pregnant caterer is flustered when she sees her ex-lover again at the house she’s working at. He proposes to financially support her during the rest of her pregnancy and their child after its born. She reluctantly takes his offer due to her exhaustion & the health of their unborn baby. She’s surprised that he comes back just before the baby is born & soon sees that he wants to be fully part of their son’s life when their son is born. Hero proposes marriage for the sake of their son & bitterly believes heroine finally gets what she’s wanted from him all along…his vast wealth. But her actions including reducing the substantial monetary support he was to give their child by 3/4s the amount begin making him doubt his beliefs about her as a calculated & materialistic schemer. Would those be enough to make him trust her again?

I liked this Hamilton book for the most part. Hero mistreated heroine quite a bit b/c he believed her to be a deceitful gold digger and he was actually about the propose marriage out of his love & trust that she loved him for himself before he found out what he thought was the truth from her dad. Heroine, on the other hand, was heartbroken after he coldly left her a note ending their r/s and angry when she found out he deceived her to think he was only a lowly island worker. The Big Misunderstanding b/w them was angtsy until heroine predictably succumbed to his blackmail. I wished she stood her ground more but I understood that she relented for the sake of her financially-stricken parents & their baby.

I liked the portrayal of Hero as being terribly hurt by her & thus was celibate for about 10 months until he & heroine resumed their sexual r/s. He had plenty of opportunities with other women but he was so bitter & heartbroken that he ignored them. He tried to be cold & distant towards her but her actions were chipping away at them. It became a matter of faith for him to believe her or not. I wished it didn’t take for him to talk to her dad to finally believe her. It was almost unbelievable how he started gushing with his love for her after he confronted her dad about the truth. I’d have liked him to extensively apologize & grovel for what a jerk he’s been towards her. That’d have made a more satisfying ending.

They definitely had sexual chemistry. I didn't have a problem with the lack of explicit sex descriptions. There were enough descriptions (i.e., breast play, touching) to portray how hot they were together.

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