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Eden by Jamie McGuire
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Jan 02, 2013

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Eden is the third and final book in the Providence series. I was really looking forward to finishing the series that I gain to love and wanted a happy ending for Jared & Nina. Eden left me disappointed, I was looking forward to the magic that Providence held for me but this book missed the mark.

The book starts exactly where Requiem left off. Nina is pregnant with Jared's baby and Satan is after her to make sure the unborn baby does not survive. The entire book is dealing with trying to save Nina and the baby. The wedding was such a beautiful scene, I cried when Jared's father came back as the humans were frozen in time and kissed his wife while she was frozen. It was beautiful, I think that is the only part of the book that I really enjoyed like I did in Providence.

I thought Eden was a bit of a bore honestly. I actually skimmed the book at parts, especially the end what should of been the big climax of the book I thought was confusing and boring. I actually was annoyed with Nina for the first time in the entire series. Her whining was over the top and the fact she wanted out of the cave that kept her and her friends safe just to get air while thousands of demons were waiting for her was ridiculous and got her friend Kim killed! I thought she was so selfish at that moment and did not really make sense on why she felt that way when the entire book she put her baby first. I thought it was something the author did just to create the big fight scene which was over the top.

I also did not like that Grant was an Arch angel who is in love with Nina but nothing came of it. Nina never even discussed with Grant and it just seemed like an after thought but to me it was a big deal. I wish more came of that story line to create more personal drama then paranormal drama.

I gave this book a 3 stars, only even that high because I was invested in the series and the first book was amazing. I still recommend the series but the third book really disappointed me.
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Jamie McGuire, Eden

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Lucy Totally agree with this review! There are some parts that I felt should be given more details like what Kim was going through while waiting for Jared to fulfill his promise. Also, no reason was given as to why Gabe didn't want Nina to know about Kim's abilities.

**Manjula ♥ Connor Cobalt** I agree with you! The third book was overcooked. I hated Nina towards the end. I also hated the way they delayed their promise to Kim. And we didn't even get a confrontation scene with Grant. Was really disappointed with this book. I loved the first book though.

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