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Giving It Up by Amber Lin
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Jul 31, 2012

it was ok
Read from July 31 to August 01, 2012

Oh boy. I am TORN over this review. Honestly, I had issues with Giving It Up. Maybe it's my fault. I thought this was an erotic romance, but it read to me as a psychological crime drama with a little romance thrown in.

So...Allie is a rape survivor. And two years later, she seems to be almost punishing herself for that. Once a month she goes to a club and picks up a man, with whom she has sex. Rough sex. Now, I don't want to get all psychoanalytical here, that's not really what I'm about with these Sexy Saturday reads, but what I think is going on is this: Allie is, in a way, reenacting rape. On her own terms. And this makes my brain hurt. I get it (kind of), I really do. But knowing there is a valid psychological reason for her actions doesn't necessarily mean I want to read about it.

Like I said earlier, Giving It Up felt more like a crime drama than a romance to me. There's a whole "mob-ish" subplot. Colin, the guy Allie hooks up with, is shady. There's a lot of behind the scenes deals that he makes, some really nasty business he's involved in that didn't sit well with me. But Allie's fine with it, really, as long as Colin provides and protects her and her baby.

The smexy scenes were okay. I'm all for a steamy scene. But the psychoses behind the acts disturbed me. The things Allie was saying in her head kept me detached and kind of weirded out.

I'm not saying Giving It Up is not a good book. The writing was fairly good and the story had a decent pace. It's simply that it came with so much baggage that I couldn't get into it.


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