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War Brides by Helen Bryan
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Jul 31, 12

Read in July, 2012


After hearing both good and bad reviews, I went ahead and got this book on a fling (borrowed from ebook fling. I thought this story was very engaging and I liked it, in the beginning. There were places where it drug terribly and the ending was rushed. Like other reviewers, I noticed typos and nonsensical sentences throughout the book. However, I felt that some of the spellings could have been GBE instead of AmE but most of them weren't. (ex: using a 's' in the place of a 'z'.) And the author herself got the name of a main character wrong twice. I had to go back and look because in my head, I was thinking 'Wasn't her name xxx?' and it really was.

The story starts out with a group of elderly ladies heading for England, each thinking back to how they came to be in that place. Some of the characters were well fleshed out, the author really drew you in to care about them, but others were very shallow characters and probably could have been cut. The story moved right along but jumped from place to place rather jerkily, sometimes in the middle of a chapter.

None the less, I was drawn in. Until the end. I felt the ending was contrived and rushed. Like the author decided she was done writing and tired of the story. Suddenly, this person ran off and got married and the story ends for the rest of them. Then the story moves back to current day where, in the middle of a media circus, the remaining brides killed the contrived villain without anyone noticing and the book ended with a throw away line about someone, near the beginning of the book, the reader was lead to believe had died, living to be an old age.

I really was prepared to love it from word one, but I just couldn't. The spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting ruined it for me. This needs to be run past a great beta, then an editor. I think that it would turn an okay story into a gem.
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Margaret I agree. I can overlook most of the editing errors. However, I can't accept the contrived end. It was as though the author ran up against a deadline and tried to wind the story up in a rush. The story deserves a re-write.

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