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The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter
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Aug 07, 12

really liked it
Read on July 31, 2012

Ok it was a really good book. I like how Mrs. Carter took a lot of the myths and legends surrounding the Greek Gods and intertwined it into one beautiful story. I think that was my biggest fear about this book. I didn't know how she would handle telling 5 different point of views at 5 different times. I was scared that it would be sporadic and the different POVs would be different stories that didn't mesh and you would have to regroup to read the next POV. I am happy my fears were in vain. Mrs. Carter starts from the beginning, where the gods draw lots to now which kingdom they will rule, and ends when Henry gets his first glimpse of Kate and how it changes him.

The 5 Point of Views:

Calliope (aka Hera) I actually feel bad for Calliope after reading this book. She truly had a hard time adjusting to the way things went and let her pride get in the way of her goals. You know that saying, you catch more bees with honey then vinegar? I don't think Calliope did. She tried to assert her leadership and manipulate the system to work for her and never stopped to think and see if there was a better way to handle things. I was surprised to find that she had been in love with Henry from the very beginning. And I really wish she could be one of those characters that can see the light and change their ways, but she is one of those characters that are so set in their ways that they will never change no matter what happens.

Ava (aka Aphrodite) She is one of those people that never change. I love her though and want her to be my best friend. She was honest to the point of fault, and acted like a total teenager. It was interesting to see how she evolved in her ideas of love. I think it was kind of cool for her to distinguish the two types of love she felt and decide, in the end, which one will serve her better and how that man should be her husband.

Persephone I'm sorry, this is the only section of the book I skipped. I didn't like Persephone in Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test #2) and I don't like her now. I got a few pages into her section and found that is was a never ending wine-fest. Everything life was wrong and everyone was against her. Everything that happened was to punish her and everyone was out to get her and hurt her. I really just wanted to grab her by her shoulders, shake her, and yell, "Get over yourself and think of others for a change!!!!" I mean really? She couldn't find one good thing about her life. And with how much she hurt Henry, its no wonder he was hesitant to "knock boots" (as Ava so eloquently put it) with Kate after they were married. Or even show Kate some true affection, because within the first few pages of Persephone's section you could see the emotional pain that Henry would soon endure because of her. Because with what I could tell, he was more affectionate and open about his love for Persephone before she broke his heart and ruined almost ruined him. Ok I'll stop ranting and move on.

James (aka Hermes) He went up on my totem pole (if you read my review for Goddess Interrupted you would understand what I mean). I mean, it had to suck to be blamed for Persephone's suicide and ostracized from your family. And then with happened with Tuck? He is still pretty low on my totem pole for what he did to Henry, but I can at least think and talk about him without ranting (unlike Persephone). And I hope he finds someone that can love him and make him feel loved before the series ends, he kind of deserves to know what true love is.

Henry (aka Hades) I love him. He has had it rough and tries to do the best he can to keep the peace and protect the feelings and well-being of those he loves. And he feels more then you would think the god of the Underworld would. He just has a very good poker face. I mean, you could tell he took all of the girls who died during the Goddess Test personally. He honestly felt responsible for them dying, which so heartbreakingly sweet and sad. I loved what he said about Kate in his section and I loved how he righted things with James, it made me cheer for him even more.

Overall, it was really good, just ignore my rants about Persephone and we are good. Really, this clears up a lot of the questions you might have from the series.

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