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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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Jul 31, 2012

really liked it
Read from July 31 to August 02, 2012

4.5 stars - spoilers

Andrea Nash, a former Knight of the Order is finally getting her life back in order. She's adjusting to life outside the Order, she's working as a PI at her new business - Cutting Edge with best friend Kate, she's beginning to accept her bouda side and she's trying to forget her ex-boyfriend, Raphael.
Business at Cutting Edge is slow until Andrea is asked to investigate the murders of 4 members of the pack that were guarding one of Raphael's reclamation sites. Even though Andrea's relationship with Raphael is strained, she decides to take on the case. Andrea and Raphael try to put their differences aside in order to avenge the pack murders and find the killers.

-When I first started the series I found Kate Daniels world and magic kind of boring and confusing but after a couple of books I got used to it and I now love Kate's world. I like the way that the tech and magic alternate throught the couse of the book because it always tends to make things more complicated for characters that are usually all powerful and ultra capable.

-I loved Andrea more than I thought I would, she was almost as great a heroine as Kate. I didn't really understand her decisions in previous books but after reading her story, I completely understood who Andrea was and why she acted the way she did. Her life was even more tragic than Kate's, after what she went through it wasn't suprising that she had no desire to join the pack and accept her bouda side. Even though Andrea was hurt about Raphael and also no longer being a knight she didn't constantly whine, she just got on with things, focused on her work and fought for the pack.
I did find it a bit stupid at the beginning when Andrea was walking around investigating the pack murders in her beastkin form. Obviously if she wants answers to questions then she needs to be approachable and have people trust her - so how would walking around in a monstrous form make people want to talk to her? She knows most people hate shapeshifters so she should have realised that people would be less than willing to talk to her in her beastkin form.

- I hated Raphael with a passion - he was too spoilt, too petulant and had no concept of fear, pain or loss. Andrea deserved someone far better. She forgave him too quickly and easily. Raphael didn't even try to understand what Andrea was going through, he didn't care - he was just bothered about his own ego and how he was feeling. Thw way he flaunted Rebecca and rubbed up against her in front of Andrea as punishment was childish and cruel. Andrea should have given him a taste of his own medicine and got some action elsewhere. I don't think they suited each other - Andrea had an awful childhood and was still scarred, Raphael was coddled and given everything - he really had no idea of what years of torture and fear could do to a person. Even though Raphael was more tolerable towards the end, it was a case of too little, too late - he didn't redeem himself in my eyes.

-I hated the fight for your man undertone in the first half of the book. Why should Andrea fight for a sulky, spoilt brat after he humiliated and hurt her on purpose. Andrea's life, work and family was the Order, she was suffering enough and instead of supporting her, Raphael only thought of himself. Why she'd want to be with that self centred douche after the way he treated her, I don't know. He did say some pretty words at the end but it wasn't enough.

-I think I'm the only one that doesn't like Ascancio - like Raphael he just gets away with his bratty, spoilt behaviour because he's a guy and his roguish behaviour's supposed to be lovable and charming. If Julie acted like him she would be hated and not loved - I can't imagine anyone finding Julie likable if she slept around, had threesomes with strangers in public, was disrespectful to everyone and then was coddled on top of that. Yet Ascancio gets away with his vile behaviour because 'boys will be boys' and apparently they know no better yet girls should know better and they should be chaste, well behaved and selfless..ugh. I hope Julie doesn't end up in a relationship with Ascancio. Alsh how is it that a 15yr old boy seems to have more sexual experience than 28yr old Andrea??

-I loved the scenes with Kate and Curran - they didn't take over the story or outshine Andrea but they were still brilliant. It was interesting seeing Andrea's perspective on Kate and Curran.

-The side characters - Roman, Barabas, Aunt B, Jim and Doolittle were great. I was disappointed that Dali didn't make an appearance, I was hoping for a cute Dali/Jim scene. I would love to see Roman and Barabas getting their own novellas.

-I was pissed that Michelle wasn't killed at the end. I get that Andrea didn't kill her because her kids were there. But I would have liked for Andrea to promise to find Michelle and kill her without her kids witnessing it. I was suprised Raphael didn't tell Andrea that he would eventually kill Michelle himself - seriously the woman tortured Andrea and he just let her go, he should have gone after her and killed her whilst her kids weren't around. Both Rapheal and Andrea have killed people for less, so what if Michelle was a mother, everyone's something to someone - I can't believe they let her go.

I was disappointed when I first heard that Andrea would get her own novel because that would mean waiting longer for Kate's books but i'm happy to wait now, Andrea's book was worth it. I'll also probably appreciate Kate and Curran more when their book comes out because I won't have read about them in a while. I read somewhere that Dali and Jim would eventually get their own novel and I'm crossing my fingers that other characters in Kate's world will also get their own story especially Julie when she's older and also Derek, Barabas and Roman.
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21.0% "Seriously hating Raphael"
08/01/2012 page 70
21.0% "Seriously hating Raphael"
08/01/2012 page 70
21.0% "Seriously hating Raphael"
08/01/2012 page 70
21.0% "Seriously hating Raphael"

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Ferdy I actually wanted Andrea to end up with Roman, he was such a great character.

Raphael makes me so mad, he's such a spoilt brat, I would have liked for him to have given a proper apology instead of just saying he was an idiot. I wanted him to agree with Andrea and say he understood what she went through - I wanted a long groveling explanation and apology.

I thought him stabbing Andrea at the end was done so casually, he didn't even seem that bothered by it - I would have liked to see more regret, torment, pain and hurt by what he had to do, he was just so blase about killing the so called love of his life. I'm still pissed that they didn't kill Michelle.

Maybe I would actually like him if they had another book because it took me a while to like Curran too.. when he was strangling Kate and made the shapeshifters intimidate her, I absolutely HATED him but now I love him.

Ferdy Why the hell was everyone telling her to fight for him after the stunt he pulled on top of all the cruel things he said to her?! Grrr..she let him of way too easy.

I would have thought RaphaFOOL would want to kill anyone that tortured a child especially if that child was Andrea - seriously him, Andrea, Kate and co don't even blink when they kill other people for less but then out of nowhere he lets Michelle go without promising to kill her when her kids aren't around..Seriously WTF?! What's with the sudden 180 change?! It just made me think that RaphaFOOL didn't really love Andrea as much as he claimed.

Ferdy Cassie wrote: "I seriously was dying when Kate was telling Andrea to fight for him. WTF Kate! Seriously? I agree that Andrea let him off way to easy. Damn, I was waiting for a big grovel scene and it never cam..."

I wanted to strangle Kate when she got all up in Andrea's face about fighting for that douche. And then Andrea's idea of 'punishing' Raphael was too dress sexy and kiss him at the party they went to..WTF?!

I would have loved the epilogue if it had Andrea and Raphael hunting down Michelle..that would have been perfect.

Serena wrote: "Great review. I really wanted Andrea to end up with Roman too (the Raphael crap was played out in prior books). Also I don't like Ascancio either. Him and Raphael are pigs, but everyone thinks t..."

IKR!! Asscancio and Raphafool get away with everything and their still worshipped by all the women - ugh. If they were ugly or were women they would be HATED. Can you imagine Julie doing the things Asscancio does?? I'm really hoping Julie and Asscanicio don't get together, I noticed that they had the type of banter that usually leads to romance.

It's always the women that have to give up things and compromise for their men. Kate left the Order and joined the pack for Curran and Andrea had to change who she was to join the pack and be bossed around by a woman who threw down the stairs just so she could show Raphafool that she was finally 'accepting' herself. Please Andrea was happy when she was with the Order..being a knight was who she was, being a member of the pack isn't Andrea to me.

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