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Arson by Estevan Vega
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Jul 31, 2012

really liked it
Read on July 27, 2012

Arson is a dark and twisted book by an incredibly talented author. The build up and flow of Arson's story is haunting while mesmerizing and allows the reader to lament for this unfortunate character. It's a story that I found to be mainly about relationships and self worth, a mostly realistic novel but with a hint of paranormal suspense. The author knows his subjects and creates a real life story that features a thrilling and not so real element.

Arson Gable knows he's not normal. His character is battered and emotionally damaged, and he's living with guilt that he's never been taught how to deal with. Growing up with a grandmother who is physically and emotionally abusive, not to mention a little delusional, Arson has created this shell around himself until he can no longer feel. His life brightens a bit when a new family lives next door, and with it comes Emery (a wonderfully constructed character, the perfect addition to this intense drama). The phrases that come out of Emery's mouth are sarcastic and pungent. Her life is as messy as his and soon they find a real and slightly damaged (with the baggage they both are lugging around) relationship. Arson and Emery, coupled with the multiple characters of Estevan Vega's mind, this book is a complex network of emotional story lines.

Estevan Vega writes with purpose. He tells this story well, and tells it from everyone's point of view. His angles on various relationships and stages of life made me feel like their were multiple authors to this book. He has every personality down to an art.

Throughout the book we continued to learn things with the characters as they grow. Their flaws and characteristics develop as the story builds, and the piercing ending was the perfect conclusion and cliffhanger. It's hard not to get involved. I really enjoyed this book and think that Estevan is one writer to watch!

This book has a shocking there-will-be-a-book-two ending that leaves the reader searching for information on how the story continues. The sequel, Ashes, is also available. This book is magnificently constructed and full of real feelings and people.

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