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Spark by Brigid Kemmerer
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Aug 07, 12

it was amazing
Read from July 31 to August 01, 2012

If Storm was an explosion, Spark is an eruption. I don’t believe that I have ever felt this strongly for a character so quickly before. The Gabriel Merrick of Storm is a mischievous, smart arse identical twin. The Gabriel Merrick of Spark is a broken, hurt, troubled kid who’s an emotional live wire.

He’d been banned from the team, from a sport she knew he loved – God, even Simon practically worshipped Gabriel’s athletic ability. He was fighting with his twin brother, and they had to be close, the way they seamlessly switched places in front of teachers and other students…
Layne took a deep breath.
Then she stepped forward to throw her arms around his neck and hug him.

Nothing seems to be going right for poor Gabriel right now. He can’t control his element as well as his siblings, his maths teacher has discovered he’s been cheating since middle school, his love interest’s father accuses him of statutory rape, and his entire family seems to have turned against him and believe he’s capable of arson and murder. My heart was breaking for him, and I spent the entire book wanting to just jump into the pages and give the poor bastard a hug. Kemmerer has done an amazing job of getting you into the head of this 17 year old emotional wreck.

Gabriel didn’t move from the doorway. Everyone seemed to be getting along just fine.
Without him.

Gabriel struggles with feelings of isolation for most of the novel, and it only made me want to hug him more. He blames himself for the death of his parents, for not protecting his twin, Nick, resulting in his kidnapping and broken leg, and feels like a failure because of his problems at school. He has no real friends outside of his family, and barely gets along with the parental figure in his life. As a result of feeling like an outsider, Gabriel is constantly on the defensive and often attacks in situations where you wish he wouldn’t. On so many occasions, I wanted to lock Gabriel up with his brothers and not let them out until they’d gotten all their aggression and feelings out in the open and then had a big hug and a cry. Kemmerer does a fantastic job of portraying Gabriel’s mood swings/temperamental behaviour. I constantly felt like I was on the edge of my seat, being attacked and just waiting for that perfect opportunity to take the first swing.

Christ, it felt fantastic to drive his fist into something. Especially when Hunter fought back with enough force to really make it worth it.

Gabriel wound his fingers around his lighter again. The potential for fire was
right there, pulsing under his fingertips.

He could pick a fight. Get sent to the office. Alan Hulster sat to his left, and that guy was a tool. Gabriel wouldn’t even mind laying into him.

I found it a lot easier to connect with Layne than with Becca. This may possibly account for it:

She had a bookcase, white trimmed with pink, packed double and triple with paperbacks. No shocker there. It looked like she still had every book she’d ever read…More books threatened to fall from a pile on the nightstand.

Layne is pretty awesome all around though. She loves her little brother, Simon, and does a lot to look after him. She’s been forced into the role of an adult after her mother abandoned them, and she’s got some pretty epic abandonment issues to match Gabriel’s. She’s also incredibly caring; she recognises Gabriel’s problem and tries very hard to help him for only slightly altruistic purposes (she thinks he’s a tad pretty).

The mystery surrounding the novel of who exactly is the arsonist if it’s not Gabriel was really well done. I had my list of suspects and was completely blown away by who was actually involved. I’m now really looking forward to , released next year, to find out more about these mysterious new bad guys.
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