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Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde
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Jul 30, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

My thoughts?

AVOIDING COMMITMENT did things to my brain, heart and soul that I have not had since reading Colleen Hoover’s books - SLAMMED and POINT OF RETREAT. AVOIDING COMMITMENT gave me the same feeling that I had to lock myself away until I read the entire book from cover to cover. There are words that I need to use to describe this book that I’m not currently able to produce, but I will do my best.

broken. ELATED. beat. CONSUMED. hurt. LOVED. sad. WANTING. confused.

Yes, that may do it for this one kids....Good Review, eh? 

Ok, Ok back to the real review...

AVOIDING COMMITMENT is the kind of Contemporary Romance that I crave. Everything about it is raw, sexy, frustrating and juicy. Frankly, I loved this book so much I don’t even want to review it. Nothing I say about it will compare to the story that it holds, the characters it produced and the emotions it inflicted. Here’s the thing, I love me YA, I love New-Adult, I love some steamy New-Age-Smut, but this book was none of that and all of that.  This is where I get into that whole point where I can’t make words to describe this but, let’s try. See, I love YA authors because they typically have some of the hands down best world-building and plot twists and I love New-Adult because the characters are typically a bit more within my mind frame. Usually, you get one or the other. There are very few authors that can manage to get these to line up. It is even more rare to get these aligned to the point that reality literally fades, leaving you lost in the book and so submersed that you want nothing more to crawl into the book and wave “BYE BYE” to your life. Because, yes, that is how I felt when I finished.

K.A. Linde created one of the most awe-inspiring groups of characters in my reading history. Yes, HISTORY because she also manages to maintain the characters while tossing in these all-consuming relationships between them.

Holy. Mother. Of. Perfection.

Linde manages to never miss a beat writing any of the characters. The MC Lexi is sensational. I've seen a couple of people mention how much they couldn't stand her because of her inability to walk away, but I think that is one of the major things that drew me to her. As much as I yelled at here every step of the way, I was also thinking about the near 100% probability that faced with the same situation; I would do the exact same things she did. Then, there was Jack, who is smokin’! Oh and yes, he is, hands-down, the ultimate asshole. Thus, I loved him. He was funny, charismatic and oh did I mention an asshole? BUT, Linde managed to relay a relationship with so much love, hate, lust and history that I couldn’t help but become a ball of emotional trash every time I turned the page and yes, things changed that quickly. One moment I would be so enraged with Jack that I wanted Lexi to smack him then FLIP, SWOON. Again leaving me…

Totally. Submersed.

The remaining two primary characters were just as flippin’ genius as Lexi and Jack. Though, they left a much different set of emotions.  I want to punch Bekah, frequently. Ramsey, well, I love to hate him and hate to love him. So, by time you add those four up, I was a mess.

It. Was. Beautiful.

Taking Linde’s impeccable writing talent, ability to create an epic set of characters and toss in an outstanding, realistic plot packed with enough emotional confusion for a lifetime, sounds like it has it all right? Well, we are still missing one little (LARGE) part of AVOIDING COMMITMENTS excellence. What is it? Welllllllll

Enough sexual tension and explosive love scenes to give your New-Adult heart a run for its money!

Yes, because spiteful, angry sex is hot – I don’t care what you say.

Once I was finished I wanted nothing more than to go download book two – because umm did you read that ending?! I marched right over to the computer logged on to B&N ready to download and….

[image error] 

NOTHING! Yes – epic fail on me because I didn’t notice that book two isn’t quite out yet. This caused a full on panic attack (no joke, I yelled at the computer, like really yelled) at which point I had to mentally check out for the remainder of the night...

[image error] 

And much of the next day...

[image error] 

No release date as of now…but the moment I come across it you bet your ass I’ll have Anticipation post all about it! Until then – GO READ…NOW!

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message 1: by K.A. (new) - added it

K.A. Linde amazing review Kim! I loved it! Got goosebumps! :)

Trish wow... fantastic review!!!!

Sheri AWESOME review! I think you were able to put into words what so many of us feel as to why we are drawn to these characters. I mean, don't we all know someone who was or is a bit (or a lot) like Jack &/or Lexi? I know I did. They are very realistic. Again, awesome review!

Kim (Sliced Open Reviews) Thank you everyone! I really did enjoy this book something fierce and it is always hard when you come to love a book like that to sit down and commit to a review, it’s actually what I would consider the hardest thing about reviewing – that moment when you doubt you can do a book justice in a review, the fear that you will say one thing wrong and deter someone. It’s always good to hear that people liked them and found them enjoyable and useful.

And yes, I definitely know someone like Jack &/or Lexi – Me and my Ex! HEHE maybe that is why I took so strongly to this book and why I still wither every time I day dream about what book two will be like!

Taryn Love your pictures! haha!

Bren Does anybody know when book 2 will be available on b&n? I having major withdrawals here

Kim (Sliced Open Reviews) I wish! I am right there with ya - hopefully we will get a date soon - keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

message 8: by "J" (new) - rated it 5 stars

"J" Awesome review!! I don't think anyone can say it better! I will also agree with you, having a "Jack" in your life...past or present.....definately makes this amazing book even more amazing!!

Patiently waiting for the next book..........

Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

Melissa Your review was SPOT ON!!!!

Holly Your review made me like the book MORE then I did when I finished reading it! Love reading other people perspective, helps you look at books in a whole new way!!

message 11: by Kate (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kate awww. i think i'll feel like that after finishing the second book. eeeek

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