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Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber
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Jul 30, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

I've read the entire Vampire Kisses series in order starting around seventh or eigth grade and I fell in love with it.

I wouldn't say it's made my 'alltime' favorite series, which I'll get to why in a second, but it's definitely a really good series that was fun to get into and one I am proud to have completed.

Finishing a series makes me feel like I just went on a journey. In a good way. I get to know characters and see them grow and to me it's always interesting and fun to see how different or similar they are in the first book of the series, compared to the last.

Anywhoo, this series isn't hardcore or anything like Harry Potter or Vampire Academy. For me, it's just a funny, slightly charismatic book about a teenager in love with her soulmate who just happens to be a vampire.

It sounds a lot like every other teenage-vampire romance but what I liked especially about the series was:

1. The vampires in this series ARE your typical vampires i.e. they don't have a reflection, aversion to garlic, don't go out in sunlight, sleep in coffins, drink blood etc.
Most YA novels about vampires try too hard too make their vampire 'unique'. That can be interesting and I don't mind, but 98% of the time, they do a terrible job. Ellen kept with most of the myths while adding her subtle touch here and there.

2. It was hilarious. The first time I read Vampire Kisses [book no.1] I laughed aloud to myself a lot, which is a major reason why I fell in love with the series. I love books that make me laugh. Even if it's supposed to be serious. Again, I have to mention Harry Potter and Vampire Academy. They're two completely different series but a part of the reason they're so close to my heart is that while the characters' plots are serious ones, they have time for humour and fun along the way.
It shouldn't matter the genre, a nice joke here and there or even scattered throughout the entire book can improve your story, as long as you don't overdo it or try to hard.

3. The plots were very good! I say this countless amounts of times and I'll say it again. Any author that can write more than 3 books and have them be really good books, a truly awesome series, is a spectacular author in my eyes. 9 books could not have been easy to write, but Ellen Schreiber did it without dragging the books along.

Each book has kind of a different plot but the same major themes, so the books weren't stale but it didn't drift too far away.

4.The character Raven. She's sarcastic, funny and I like that she knows exactly what she wants.

"The one thing I know is that ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a vampire. And I still do. And I’ve always wanted to be in love—and when I saw you, I knew that no matter what or who you were, I had to be with you forever. I may be impulsive, but I’m not fickle. I’ll be seventy and still be wearing miniskirts and combat boots and wanting to be a vampire."
-Raven to Alexander.

She and her brother are also polar opposites and don't always see eye to eye like most siblings but she loves him and is always looking out for him and he loves her too. Their sibling bond was cute and aded some funny moments in the story.

I liked how Raven had a lot of depth and history and she wasn't your typical teenager in the sense that even though her entire town thought she was weird and mocked her, and talked about her and thought she was weird, she still wore her black lipstick and combat boots and dark eyeliner.
So it had that subtle message of accepting yourself for who you are and not what others think. A lot of people, especially teenagers don't even realize that they're into a lot of things just because the popular kids or some celebrity is. They just think they're normal or into teenager stuff when in reality, subconsciously they're trying to be like everyone else.

5. In a way we can all relate to either having a major crush on someone or being majorly wrapped up in the thought of being with someone or just plain damn happy to be with our significant other. So Raven's romance with Alexander was a little heavy for their age but I am a firm believer that age and love are two separate beings. You can be completely in love with someone today when you are 16 and completely hate the same person the next day when you are sixteen and a day. And yes, I just made that up.

But on to the book. This one was the best one in the series in my opinion and two things happened that surprised me. One of them involves Raven's brother and the other Raven herself. If you've been reading the series from the beginning then you can probably guess what happens.

But the ending felt a tiny bit rushed but I was okay with it though there was still an unanswered question, what's going to happen to Trevor?

I like how Alexander's sister grew to like Raven, it wasn't insta-hate or anything but she definitely warmed up to Raven since their initial meeting and the Maxwells seem to have finally calmed their asses down, thanks to Stormy and another one of their dirty tricks gone wrong.

But like I mentioned earlier the only reason why this isn't exactly one of my 'alltime favorite series' is because I'm 15 and this series is probably good for someone who's 11-13. In all fairness, I started this series when I was 11 or 12 but obviously despite my age I'm into more mature YA books. Ones with swearing and mentions of sexual tension [if you get my drift].

This one is just a cute kind of teen/tween story even though the main character is 16. Like a watered down version of a true YA teen paranormal romance, or at least today's YA romance anyways. There is no swearing, only kissing and holding hands and to be honest it can be overlooked but sometimes the slang and the words are a little too 'tween' for me: My Gothic Prince, Raven calls her town Dullsville, the popular girls are called Prada-bees etc.

But like I said this is a good series to start reading if you're younger, because the series is finished so you can have all 9 books at once so you're still reading it during your age span or if you had started reading the series when you were younger like me but obviously had to wait like a year for the next book.

If you're in my age range 15-18, then don't be afraid to get it but just expect it to be a quick, charming read to pass the time and maybe pass on to your neighbour's 11-year-old.

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