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Rupture by Simon Lelic
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Jul 30, 12

This is a book I found it difficult to engage with at first (although in the end I did succumb). The style is somewhat erratic, told mostly in transcripts from a tape recorder, which means a lot of different narrative voices. We have kids, teachers, parents all telling what they know about certain events. But of course they only make sense when the pieces are all put together. It is for this reason we have the detective Lucia, who has problems of her own to contend with. It falters a bit in places but in the end it gets you where it wants you to be so, all in all, the style is successful.

The subject matter is bullying, its effects, and, more specifically, who should be held responsible for it in a school or work environment. Rather than throwing so much blame on the bullies themselves, the story tends to focus more on those in a position of care or authority who turn a blind eye to it and are never held accountable for doing so. It also looks at the different reactions those who are bullied have, as well as a slight glance at why someone may bully. It's worth a read.

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