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The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis
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Aug 03, 12

Read from July 30 to August 03, 2012

thanks for the book, adam (Did I actually kiss your hand out on Girard? That's how much of a great time I had over the weekend. I hope you're doing well. I had such a good time that at 4:30 today I'm being hospitalized) but let's talk about this book even public creative crack-ups are all america has going for it any longer

i liked the fante prologue and excerpts i read on your stoop on a lazy sunday while across the street a big mexican regatone party was going on i kept walking up to but not inviting myself into listening to jasper's cassette days all day instead i listened to the beastie boys and thought about them for the first time since i was ten and decided i was going to become a beastie boys fan and on the way home i got interregated by the police and shared headphones with a girl listening to phillip glass doing yukio mishima film st

. anyhow, i totally get why you like this book: you've seen what he's writing about, lived it, and as much as i champion a book or two by b.e.e. - i think you could write a better version of this sort of thing. i think when you get back into Hell you will write a much better version of this sort of book (Was there actually a character named Dirk? I mean, I feel as if that is an insult in and of itself. That sort of triggered - well, he is assuming his reader is an idiot. Who the fuck is DIRK? I'm out -)

i for one despise southern california, agree with faulkner's assesment of the 'plastic asshole of america,' though i am sympathetic to many people who would deem new york, my blood and soul, psychotic and ruthless. so i'll write a new york novel better than william gaddis, and youll topple b.e.e. we need time and sanity, one or the other, everything in moderation including moderation.

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