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Entangled by Cat Clarke
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Jul 30, 2012

it was ok

This book.... where the hell do I begin?
Well, for starters, I hated the style of writing. If it wasn't confusing me (Which was all the time) then the storyline was dragging on, or swapping around like crazy. At first, Grace was in this crazy white room, then shes drinking and overly flirting with a stranger on the swings, then shes back in the white room, and then with her bestie- I don't even think that was the order, but all I know is that the feeling I had after reading this book was not good.
Characters? I hated Grace- she moaned to much for my liking and was way to clingy and needy, the only message sent out here that the protagonist needs her boyfriend (Twilight much- that was WAY better). I hated Sal- she was just fake from the start Grace began to talk about her. I hated Nat- he was to quick to jump into bed with Grace- I love romance and the sexual tension in books, but he was in her pants at like what? Page fifty. I hated Grace's mum- THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT HER THAT WAS AT ALL RELATABLE! WHAT MOTHER LEAVES HER DAUGHTER FOR WEEKS ON END? NO! Just NO!
I didn't like Ethan- he was too freaky and to me I got this pervy feeling off of him.
I think Devon was the only genuine character I could relate to, who actually possessed some likable qualities. He wasn't as predictable as the others, but I was still able to guess what he would do, and how'd he would react.
Then... Then there were the damn ISSUES in this BOOK.
Alcohol, sex, depression, death, friendship, relationship, abortion....
I'm sorry, but if I had known it was basically the teenage version of Eastenders, I wouldn't have bothered.
Also, the cover is particularly misleading, along with the summery. I thought it was going to be a paranormal romance, y'know, her not remembering about her vampire boyfriend or remembering she was going to save the world... (nothing related to the story, but my genuine expectations of the book.)

But I would recommend this surprisingly, only so I could give people something to insult rather than Twilight.

Although saying this, I would like there to be a sequel- which I know there won't be sadly. I would like to know whether Grace and Sal can get over their issues and remain friends, and whether she'll date Devon or not. Or whether everything falls apart again and she ends up killing herself.
No sympathy
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