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Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr
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★★★★½ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Loved this book. LOL! While I did received the Kindle format as a “freebie,” I listened to the audio via Amazon’s Whipersync (at a reduced price). I loved India Plum’s narration, with her raspy Aussie accent.

This one is fun, fun, fun! Loved both main characters and the setting. I bought the set-up (I won’t tell you why) ...and felt my pulse pounding from that first kiss.

For some reason I had forgotten this was an erotic novel, so my eyebrows raised when I got to that part, but it comes towards the end. Who knew cute could do erotic? And so well?

Verdict: Definitely worth reading - or listening to.
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Dina 4 1/2 stars? Hmmm, I'll have to check it out now, won't I? Thanks for adding another book to my towering TBR, Lisa Kay! :D

message 2: by Kari (new) - added it

Kari Sounds amazing, I hope to grab this one soon!

message 3: by Ipshita (new) - added it

Ipshita I would just be skipping the erotic part :)

Karla Woohoo!! I read this, but I might get the discounted audio version too. Glad you enjoyed it LK!

Lisa Kay Sure, Dina. Turn about is fair play, after all you've made me add. LOL!

Lisa Kay Hope you like it, Kari and Ipshita.

Oh... looks like you did, Karla! Yay!

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