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Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan
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Jul 29, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Firstly i have to say I LOVE YOU REBECCA DONOVAN!!!
I was enthralled with the first installment of this series unable to put the Kindle down, which came in quite handy during the 7 day power outage from "SNOW"tober, and there was no difference with the second. I cant stand how good this series is. I found myself up at all hours of the night trying to get just one more chapter in before heading to bed, but of course it was never just one chapter.
I love everything about his story, even though there are some seriously disturbing situations going on. I feel for it. I feel for every one of the chasrectors. Each and every one in these books are believable. There not fake in anyway, they are people i can see myself knowing in one way or the other and not wishing they were people i knew. There real, and that goes to the great writting and story telling from the author.
I know at the end of the last book I was just guessing that Evsn stayed and helped her when Carol came back, i had no idea and neither did the reader we were left in suspense. As the story unfolded i started to think that maybe i was wrong since everyone wws saying it was her uncle and i was so glad when they finally revealed i was right and it makes you love Evan even more.
Sarah is the ultmate best friend. always there no matter what and always forgiving and mostly understanding. I love thier relationship. Everyone needs that person. and im so glad her and jared worked out a relationship they are so good together.
Now about the book:
We pick up where we left off with the outcome of everything that has happened. Carol is in jail and the uncle and cousins have moved away. Emma has moved in with sara and her family who are now her guardians. Everyone in town knows what happened and shes just trying to start over. But nothing is ever that easy.
The mother shows up again still unstable and flat out crazy but emma still wanted to try and fix their relastionship. Instead she finds more heartache and guilt and trouble and the one person she confides in isnt evan but jonathon her mothers muc younger boyfriend,who also has a dark past which makes him and emma instantly drawn to each other for comfort. This relationship puts strain on their other relationships. But the have this connection to each other tht just makes everything easier they are able to talk about things no one else can understand or comprihend.
Then there is the new girl Analise who is all over evan and following him around like a puppy. everyone notices and eventually something is said, but evan would never.
Heres the interesting thing about this situatoin. I found myself saying "back away" to analise but i was silently rooting for jonathon in the begining. He was such a likeable guy and im was so glad she had somebody. But then you start thinking, " what about evan?" he should be the one she talks to. I found myself going back and forth but ultinmatly it is always going to be evan.
Emmas leaving for school early i did not see coming. I undrstand why she thought she had to leave. How she thought she was ruining everyones lives by her being around them, but i think she hurt them more by doing it. Sara and her family loved her treated her like thir own and sara was her sisterin everyway and left them. I know sara is strong but all they have been through she has to be worse off.
And evan. He must ahvve been devastated. He LOVED her LOVED her and she just left. There was an unread note but she left. I believe she broke him. He cant possibly be better off without her. It cant be i wont believe it. What he has done for her bringing her back that bond csnt be broken. And all ihave to say is he better pack those boxes hes been keeping and go and get her. He has to. Neither will be complete without each other.
I am anxiously awaiting the final part. I need to know the ending.

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