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Bared to You by Jill  Redfield
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5 easy stars. Absolutely Gorgeous Story!

This is a beautiful, hopeful, heart-breaking, and utterly compelling story of two truly broken and flawed individuals bravely attempting to find happiness, safety and love within each others' arms. Their journey is written with such compassion and honesty, that I am left thinking Sylvia Day is the most talented author of her genre. The writing is as flawless as her characters are flawed.

***This is SO NOT another 50 Shades of Grey! *** Bared To You is so far superior, that EL James should feel lucky to be compared to it. DO NOT PASS THIS UP JUST BC YOU HATED 50.

(This is also not a BDSM novel, but still contains highly erotic material. A book only meant for adults.)
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10.0% "Well, it's undoubtedly better than 50sofg, but it is shockingly similar. Maybe SD was trying to teach EJ a lesson about stealing another authors work. And about how to write... :) My only issue is that Gideon is too young: 28yr old business tycoon in New York City? Only if you started Facebook or Google. I also think an older guy would be much hotter/more experienced." 3 comments
15.0% "I guess he acts 28. He has hard edges that make him a little immature and less smooth. I like it."
15.0% "I like Ava a lot. The guy is a bit creepy so far." 17 comments
15.0% "Ok they are at the club. He is a controlling douche so far... But she is cool." 1 comment
20.0% "Lofl... I think Sylvia day is messing us. This is like 50 shades of earl grey... It's a joke. she's copied Christian almost exactly. Lol. The mom's description is too much. I can only take this in doses. Girls, it will take me a few days. Lol."
20.0% "I'm going to read this all day. First I need to sleep, then I will read this. And update often. I read another review that was glowing." 1 comment
25.0% "Huge props to the author for giving Gideon a truly tragic background."
25.0% "Def liking him better than Christian. I hate to keep saying the same thing, but I really like Ava." 1 comment
30.0% "Sarah and Aly, I'm liking it so far. The heroine makes sense to me. And I am dying of curiousity to find out all of Gideon's issues and weird quirks.
It's not perfect, but it is sucking me in. :)" 7 comments
40.0% "I'm hooked." 1 comment
60.0% "Wtf??? The nightmare scene!!!!!" 1 comment
60.0% ""Y'all gonna make me lose my mind! Up in here. Up in here.""
60.0% "Oh my god!!!! They are both insane!" 3 comments
60.0% "Gideon is so much cooler than Christian.

I think Sylvia Day spanked EL James with this book. Saying: "Here's how it's done, b'tch!"" 1 comment
65.0% "Omg omg! The dip was planned." 13 comments
65.0% "They are nymphomaniacs!! lol." 2 comments
70.0% "Wtf? He went to dinner with the skank! He's toast. I hope she gets really mad." 3 comments
75.0% "Eva is slightly nuts. I feel bad for her past but she is a bit of a nympho. These two are perfect together.
Love it!! :)"
70.0% "They're insane!!! Omg!" 1 comment
80.0% "This is my favorite book. It is incredibly intense and emotional. Heartbreaking and sweet. Totally different experience than 50. Shouldn't be compared." 3 comments
90.0% "This guy is a dream 95% of the time. Im afraid of how this will end if there's a sequel. No cliffhanger please...."
95.0% "Now I have to put this away. Things are getting F'ed up. I'm getting anxious."

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Aly is so frigging bored Damn, afraid to watch! I really hope you like.

Sarah I feel exactly the same Aly! LMAO

Brittany B. Gideon is insane. Sarah no worries with the PM. He's not reminding me of anyone... :)

Brittany B. Captive in the dark is recommended with this book? Interesting. I adored captive in the dark.

Sarah Ah I misread your message - I thought Gideon was pressing buttons the same as Christian! I've lost the plot here (to be fair it is gone midnight & I think my brain has fallen asleep before the rest of me LOL).

I didn't know Captive in the Dark was recommended with this one - I do have that on my to read pile thanks to you though :o)

Brittany B. This is hysterical. I love the scenes in the gym!!!!

Sarah You're making me want to re-read it! We have to buddy read the next book!!!

Brittany B. Ok this is kinda sexy. :)

Sarah LMAO

Brittany B. "Chicks before Dicks and all that" Lofl.
I love Ava.

Brittany B. I can't wait to find out what her secret is!!

Brittany B. Oh... Her name is Eva. Not Ava.

Sarah Keep reading!! :oP

Future Slayer Girl I have this from Netgalley. I wasn't a fan of 50 Shades at all, mostly because of personal issues with how Sadists and masochists were portrayed in it. And everyone compares this so close that I'm scared to read it because I won't like it, but I KNOW Sylvia Day is a strong write.

If you both like it I'm hoping to god I will it is third on my netgalley list :-)

Sarah I really liked this one, the writing is so much better than Fifty (although I have to confess to finding the Fifty series highly addictive even though I hated so many things about it LOL).

I hope you enjoy this one, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for your review!

Future Slayer Girl Right now I'm reading one of those serial Harlequin books OH MY GOD Now I'm a Sheikh Slut lovely LMAO! I'm about to head out to the used book story to find the rest of these authors books because they sell the serial Harlequin for like 1$

Sarah LMAO I went through a real Harlequin phase a few years ago - I was devouring the books & going to car boot sales to buy as many as I could get my hands on. They were selling the old books at 5 for £1 so I'd go out with £10 and come home with 50 books. They were so short that I could read 2 or 3 in a day though :o)

message 18: by Brittany B. (last edited Jul 31, 2012 01:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brittany B. SK: I felt like you about this book. But I knew Sarah and I liked the same type of dark drama/erotic fiction. I owned it in audio and I figured it was worth a try.

I think it is excellent. Sylvia Day is a phenomenal author. I will read everything she has written when I get the chance. This is very well-written. And the characters are very different than 50 Shades. Eva is completely different. The author really fleshes out the characters, and it is an emotionally compelling story. The characters have realistic and relatable issues. I cried and laughed...

I started out without expectations, and I noticed the similarities. But eventually, I started being angry that the book is always spoken of as the next best thing to 50Shades. This is the book 50 Shades of Grey wishes it was. :)

Future Slayer Girl HA! Then I will for sure read it!

I don't like how they say the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty books are like 50 Shades either, I read those when I was 17 and not even in the same ball game! Also The Sleeping Beauty books are TPE in every way you could imagine.

Sarah I repeat what Brit said, especially this:

Brittany B. wrote: "This is the book 50 Shades of Grey wishes it was. :)"

Do you recommend the Sleeping Beauty books SK? I've seen really mixed reviews for them so was a bit nervous about picking them up! (Can I also be a bit dumb and ask you what TPE stands for?)

Aly is so frigging bored Oooh, I wanna try them too. Anne Rice has a neat style!

Sarah I haven't read anything by Anne Rice but the Sleeping Beauty books are on netgalley so I almost requested them until I saw the mixed reviews & got nervous!

Aly is so frigging bored Aren't they really old?? Why are they on netgalley?

Sarah They are really old but I think they've been re-released for the Fifty Shades fanatics. It says on netgalley something like if you liked Fifty Shades you'll love this!

Aly is so frigging bored That's very annoying, like all the books are the same and you interchange. I hate it when I see stuff like that...

Should we try them? :D

Brittany B. No no no... Anne Rice's sleeping beauty is far more hard core than anything you would expect. And they are nothing like her vampire books. She wrote them before she was famous. They are more twisted and hardcore than anything I've read before. Not romance at all. It's true sex slavery. Boys and girls. Kinda creepy.

Brittany B. I'm not saying not to check it out, I'm just warning you that it's a strange, twisted story.

Sarah OK I'm scared! I've seen such mixed reviews for those books that I can't decide if I should try them or not. My two BDSM advisers have very different opinions about them - Annie didn't finish & Sir's Kitten gave it 5 stars.

In the end I decided to request the first book through netgalley, if I get approved then I was obviously meant to try it - if I get declined then I'm not going to go out of my way to buy it. We'll let the gods of netgalley decide LOL

Aly is so frigging bored Lool, I'll be waiting Sarah

Brit did you read comfort food, I don't remember. But from what I've heard about that one, Anne Rice's can't be worse.

Sarah I've read Comfort Food Aly & I really loved it - it was a disturbing book but an incredibly powerful read! If the Anne Rice books are like that I should enjoy it but I have a feeling there is even more dubious content in her series - I'm not sure though

Brittany B. SK gave it 5 stars? She's a tough kitten:) Aly I wish I could lend you my copy. I know your curiousity must be sated. She does know more than I do about the genre.

Aly is so frigging bored Wow, that's a LOT of disturbing stuff. I'll see if I am ever in the mood for that

Aly is so frigging bored OMG Brit, just saw your rating! I am so glad that you loved it!!! We can buddy read the next one when it's out :D

Brittany B. Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "OMG Brit, just saw your rating! I am so glad that you loved it!!! We can buddy read the next one when it's out :D"

Aly I'm heart broken that I have to wait for October!!!?

Brittany B. Aly, I totally want to buddy read it. I hope she doesn't screw them up too much. I want them to have the happiest ever after that any couple could have... Lol.

Ohhh... I hate Magdelena!!! I hope she is killed by my "Alien Hell Baby". :))

Sarah Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "Wow, that's a LOT of disturbing stuff. I'll see if I am ever in the mood for that"

Did I miss something? What is the disturbing stuff? Should I be scared? I haven't been approved on netgalley yet and I'm kind of hoping that I won't be LOL.

I'm very happy to see a 5 star rating Brit! Can't wait to read your review :o) The three of us should definitely buddy read the next book in October!

Aly is so frigging bored Brit imagine that I am waiting since May! The good news is that book 3 will be out on 31st December(or whereabouts)

Sarah read Brit's comments :D That's what I was talking about...

Yay! Buddy read! I'll go add it on the group :D

message 38: by Brittany B. (last edited Aug 01, 2012 09:09AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Brittany B. Sarah wrote: "Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "Wow, that's a LOT of disturbing stuff. I'll see if I am ever in the mood for that"

Did I miss something? What is the disturbing stuff? Should I be scared? I haven't ..."

Sarah I deleted my comment describing the book bc I thought it was unfair. I will write a review of the book. It embarrasses me to admit that I read the whole book. I hope Anzu never sees the review... Lol.

Aly, sign me up for Reflected in You and LK's Dream Lake!

Although I hope one of you reads Reflected in You before I do so you can warn me if I'll not like it...( yep im a coward :)

Sarah Ahh ok Brit, I'll wait until you've written your review :o) How many stars would you give it?

We can't read Reflected in You before you if we're going to do a buddy read! We're not going to let you be cowardly so you have to read it with us (we might let you read a few chapters behind though so you can read our comments first LOL)

Sarah Aly - I missed your comment saying that the 3rd book is out in December - you just made my day! I thought we'd be made to wait until next year for sure LOL

Aly is so frigging bored I went to see :D If I had to wait this long for another one I would have waited for it to get published and then read all 3 of them together :))

Brittany B. Sarah: @ Sleeping Beauty: I'd give it 2 stars.

It is a book that I had to become desensitized to. The material is shocking. Involves sexual torture, mass sex slavery, mass sexual humiliation, rape, sodimy, etc. It is about a kingdom of sex slaves. Very high on the kink meter.

Nothing like what I've read before. The slaves are reluctant, but sometimes willing... It's hard for me to explain it because I don't really know the terminology. It's also not just two or three couples. Beauty ends up doing everyone she is attracted to. It's not gory, it's just really really kinky. Fairy Tale porn.

Lol. That's the best I can do.

Sarah Well thought of Aly, I'm very happy to know there won't be a long wait :o)

Brit you have definitely made me nervous about Sleeping Beauty - I don't think it sounds like my kind of read at all! I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that netgalley don't approve my request LOL

Mariya Finally you're on board with us all! I loved BTY a thousand times better than 50! It was like OMFG! AMAZING! I seriously can't wait for the sequel! :))

Brittany B. Sarah, I would love to stalk your updates for Sleeping Beauty. Don't refuse the book bc of me. I finished reading it! That says something... (not in one sitting, but eventually)

Thnk you Mariya! I totally agree I loved this. Sylvia Day is amazing! :)

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