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Guitar Notes by Mary Amato
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Jul 29, 2012

really liked it
Read on July 29, 2012

3,5 stars

In this book two high school students who don't really know each other are brought together because of their love for music. For the main part this book was a surprisingly funny, entertaining, enjoyable and light read. The other (luckily rather short) remaining part is just a shame and bad choice of twist in the story.

Lyla is (for outsiders) the perfect girl who plays the cello effortless.   She started playing after the death of her mom. Lyla is extremely talented but pushed by her father (and IMO also by her 'best' friend). Reading her pov's it becomes clear that at some point she lost her way and true passion for music. And the whole image of perfection appears to be an illusion.
(view spoiler)

Tripp is the outcast, who can basically keeps playing on his guitar forever. He is a person I really appreciated and damn he made me laugh so often my mother started to doubt my mental state (view spoiler). He's shy, weird, a loner, has a dry sense of humor and is just odd... I liked the description of Lyla for him:
"He is … just a bit odd. In a really interesting way."
He is so passioned by music, I want to learn to play guitar because of him (actually we have a guitar as decoration so maybe I should try it out!). The way he describes his feeling about music makes me jealous of the connection he has with it:
(view spoiler)

Thanks to him Lyla learns again to feel the music, to play it with her heart, to thrum, and not just play like a machine on automatic pilot. I like how these two found each other. At the beginning of the school year they get permission to share a practice room, Tripp on odd days and Lyla on even days (and this is how they come up with nicknames for each other, Mr. Odd and Ms. Even). Their friendship started with a stupid note and slowly they discover they have more in common than just music.

The first (little) issue I had was with Lyla's best friend, Anna. She acted jealous, possessive, inconsiderate, and often she gave me more the feeling of a jealous boyfriend instead of a friend who wants to spend more time (seriously, who is she to tell Lyla to not spend time with someone else?!).
The second (major) issue was the unexpected (and totally unnecessary) twist in the story. Really, why would the author do that? I'm clueless... This book deserved another climax. The sudden twist made me so mad cause it ruins the whole good feeling I had, the whole time I was reading this book. And then the December-March wrapping up in a few pages? No, just no. Really not the way to end this book. But because I enjoyed the part before it so much I decided to focus on that (although in general the ending is really a crucial point for me in a book. But I guess this says again a lot about the main part). 

Normally I don't round up but with this one I'm going to make an exception (but seriously Goodreads, we live in the 21st century so where are those half stars?!). I liked the pace of the book, it was easy to read, the writing style with 2 POV's was a nice variation, the uniqueness of telling the story not only in a narrative way but also with lyrics, notes, messages,... was original. And if it wasn't already obvious, I really liked Tripp and his dry sense of humor and sarcastic nature (he actually often reminded me of a friend so that made me smile even more). So although i am really disappointed and beyond pissed because of the sudden twist and rushed ending, I am rounding up to 4 stars because I absolutely did enjoy 85% of the book (and this 85% might even be 5 star worthy for me). 
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07/29/2012 "I like this guy :)

“I spoke with your algebra teacher at lunch,” his mom says. “She’ll only take off two points if you turn in your summer packet at the end of this week.”
“I spoke with God today. He’ll only take off two points if you confess your sins and return my guitar.”"
26.0% "Every time I pick up my guitar, I play. I don’t copy and repeat music that somebody else thinks is good. I play what’s inside me. That’s what I mean by thrumming. When the vibrations of the music make your soul vibrate, you feel the thrum. It’s like you’re perfectly in tune with the song, as if you are the music and the music is you. It’s the only thing I do that feels right"
26.0% "He is … just a bit odd. In a really interesting way."
55.0% "Don't like her friend >:("
55.0% "Gosh! Can you say BITCH?! Seriously, the friend needs her own life... Tjeezes"

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message 1: by Alex (new) - added it

Alex Is it good? ;)

Melissa Well surprisingly yes! I wasn't expecting much and I'm really enjoying it and am cussing cause I have to leave in a bit! :/

Katy How's it going Lis? I thought you were approaching the last 10 perecent.

Melissa Maybe I exaggerated back then :p
Just passed the sudden twist...

Katy You wrote a review! So proud of you. *tear*

Melissa Lol :)
This isnt my first one...

Katy I know. But I recall someone use to call me a nerd for writing reviews. ;)

Melissa Me? No I don't think so! Cause I'm really impressed with your and Mitch's reviews!

Katy Melissa wrote: "Me? No I don't think so! Cause I'm really impressed with your and Mitch's reviews!"

I have to find the text message and get a screenshot of you calling me a dork for still being up because I'm writing a review. ;) Although I'm jealous you called me a "nerd," while Mitch gets to be "smart" for it. :P

Melissa Man I need to keep my own texts and mails cause I don't remember that stuff ...
Well u are a dork :) but not because u write reviews :p
And when did I call M. smart??

message 11: by Katy (last edited Jul 29, 2012 01:10PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Katy LOL, nevermind. I started to look, but apparently, we are two very chatty girls. I can only "Load Earlier Messages" so many times before giving up. :P

Melissa I'm sure ur dreaming or hallucinating anyways so... And yes, you are indeed a chatterbox from time to time :p

message 13: by Katy (last edited Jul 29, 2012 01:15PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Katy Me? No way. Even B says you're chatty, and he's known you a week. And no, he does not mind. Ok, I gotta go hun. Have a good night!

Melissa Ow come on! I barely say smth... Nu-uh me not chatty! >:(

Deniz Melissa wrote: "Ow come on! I barely say smth... Nu-uh me not chatty! >:("

pfff, right!

Julia Kuznetsova You wrote exactly how I feel about this book. I loved the book until the twist and I hate the twist, I think it is just unreasonable and just needled to the end in the need for climax of any sort. May be not all books need a climax. This was very good book for the first 85% of the text.

Patrick Couldn't have said it better. The first 90% was good. the last 10% was garbage in my opinion.

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