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My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
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** spoiler alert ** *****Warning: Mild profanity and a disappointed reader's review*****


This book had serious potential. It really did, and lately, all I've read about are stupid heroines that are just too stupid to live. Plots that never really seem to go anywhere. Characters that bore me to tears. Unfortunate love triangles that I just want to break to pieces and make them all move on. And, of course, the classical whiners.

But I didn't think that about this book. In fact, I was compelled by the amazing first half of this book to continue. It wasn't perfect, and some things did bother me(view spoiler). But I fell in love with the Garrett family in the first chapter. Some of the details of Jase's life/personality would have probably scared me away to begin with(view spoiler), but I still liked him anyways. And at first, I really believed that Sam was a smart heroine. I mean, she had a sister that just walked out with her boyfriend for the summer (I found she was a character that didn't contribute hardly anything to the story). Her mom was a total political psychopath with her cheating control-freak boyfriend. Her mom tried to run her life and wouldn't even let her be near their next door neighbors. And she was afraid of her mom disagreeing with what she did in life. I can totally relate, by the way. I loved the relationship between Jase and Sam, even though some of it was a little weird, but I could follow it along and not think it was too rushed or too...something. It was realistic, and I loved that.

But then. The big conflict, turning-point-of-the-book happens, and everything just spirals downhill. Sam starts making all of the wrong decisions. As soon as she (view spoiler), my opinion of her declined quickly. And by quickly, I mean "in a matter of words". I get it, the whole thing was stressful and would make every other person conflicted and confused. But guess who she sides with? Her fucking control-freak, I'm-the-ruler-of-your-life, deal with my political psychotic job, let-me-use-you-for-votes MOTHER! What. The. Fuck.

She just completely goes off the "smart" scale and back to the "too stupid to live" scale of the typical YA heroine that I know so well. She 1)gets practically threatened by her mother's controlling boyfriend who is calling the shots, and he tells her not to say anything to her fucking boyfriend whose fucking amazing dad is in the hospital because of her fucking stupid mother who hit him and DROVE AWAY!!!!!! Jase hit it spot on: What kind of person does that kind of thing? It's freaking messed up! You accidentally hit someone. FESS THE FUCK UP! Instead, he goes to the hospital with no medical insurance and won't be able to work to help his wife and 8 FUCKING KIDS!!! Her mom just kind of shrugs it off and thinks her political career is more important. A man--her fucking next door neighbor--'s life is on the line and she's concerned with her FUCKING JOB? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

But from her mom, I could totally understand. But then Sam just kind of lets it happen. Her boyfriend and his family are miserable, and she won't tell them because she doesn't want to make it worse. Knowing the way this works, they will eventually find out one way or another, and they'll resent her MORE for not fucking telling them! She's fucking stupid!

And then, of course, her mom's boyfriend threatens to destroy their family if it ever leaks out what happened or if she doesn't break up with Jase. But, then again, if they ever find out somehow, it's going to happen anyways. And if that ever happened to my dad, I would want to fucking know at least. Not knowing would be worse than finding out it was a boyfriend's (girlfriend, in this case) parent that did it. And worse, she wouldn't tell him. But then she breaks up with him and still won't fucking tell him!!! And that did it for me. I put the book down and couldn't bring myself to finish. I can only drag myself through so many miserable pages in a book before it's too much for me. Though I do not agree with the character development in Huntley Fitzpatrick's debut book, I respect her writing--the first half, anyways--too much to throw the book across the room or tear the pages out like I had the strange impulse to.

(What I actually did)

But instead, I put the book down and walked away. Which is why I unfortunately must mark this book as a DID NOT FINISH, because even though it could have the happiest ending in the world, I can't possibly drag myself through any more of Sam's head or I will do something unfortunate to this book that would not be respectable towards anyone, especially Huntley Fitzpatrick. I will probably always wonder how it ended, but I stop here with the knowledge that though I don't know how it ends, it can't possibly make up for the disappointment I felt once I began the second half of the book. Some things, I just can't go back from, and this ending (or close to it) being one of them.

So congrats to those who were able to not only finish, but also able to see all of the good in this book to rate it 5 stars. I wish I could have seen all the good you had, because I really wanted to like this book, but it didn't follow through for me.
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Huntley Fitzpatrick
“Why do all the hot girls want the jocks and the good boys? We losers are the ones that need you.”
Huntley Fitzpatrick, My Life Next Door

Huntley Fitzpatrick
“Do you know how many times I've read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" to this kid? That is one fucked-up story. How is that a book for babies?”
Huntley Fitzpatrick, My Life Next Door

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