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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Oct 29, 12

did not like it
Read from July 28 to October 29, 2012

Done. Hated it. Practically hate reading altogether now. Will review soon.
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5.0% "How am I going to get into this story when I have to mentally rewrite practically every sentence? I'm forging forth--at least until I reach the naughty bits." 14 comments
14.0% "Me 20 pages ago, "If he starts saying 'stay away, I'm dangerous,' I'm going to throw my iPad at the wall. IT HAPPENED, but I'm sorry I'm not wrecking my iPad. I'll just post an angry update here. I can't believe that Stephenie Meyer isn't just livid with this blatant plagiarism. I guess I know where I stand on the "should fan fic be published commercially?" debate. Make your own success, dammit!" 5 comments
45.0% "The writing still bugs me, the fan fic angle still bugs me, and nothing much has happened. I'm slogging through though!" 4 comments
60.0% "WTF? Why do women swoon for Christian Grey? Are you flipping kidding me?!" 5 comments
68.0% "Wow, I really hate all these characters. I only hated MOST of the characters in Twilight #FanFicFail #Plaigarism #MakeYourOwnFnSuccess" 3 comments
84.0% "I've been reading this for three months now. It's diminished my ability to enjoy reading, period. But I must finish it (yeah, I'm crazy like that). I MUST FINISH! I'm bound and determined to finish this dreck this week and then finally move on with my literary life. Yeesh..." 13 comments

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Melissa Storm Why, thank you, Myla!

Farmers Wife You gotta' stick with it... you think it is one thing but then it turns into something better! It is a love it or hate it read, I've learned. Me and my friends have LUVED it! >;-)

Melissa Storm Yeah, gotta stay on the trends. I'm not sure it will be for me, but I want to give it a fair chance, you know?

Jesse Coffey Myla wrote: "and your even more retarded!! i am suprised you have any friends on this sight. you have a ugly haircut"

LOL, Myla, sweetheart, thank you for the good laugh. You are such a hoot. Goddess love ya. Come back when you've grown up a bit and we can have a fairly intelligent discussion.

PS -- "You're" means "you are." "Your" indicates possession of something. As in, "Your dog" or "your lack of intelligent response." And it's spelled "suRprise." You missed an "r".

Melissa Storm Oh, Jesse. :-P

So you're not a fan, huh? Think I'll enjoy this book?

Jesse Coffey Emlyn wrote: "Yeah, gotta stay on the trends. I'm not sure it will be for me, but I want to give it a fair chance, you know?"

I don't know about trends but I'm with FarmersWife, you really do need to read the set. I still maintain that she needed a much better editor than what she had, but then, the publisher was a really small one at the time and probably couldn't afford one. You know how small pubs are. It turned out a lot better than what I thought it was going to be -- and I trashed the first book in my own review. It's worth the read.

message 7: by Melissa (last edited Jul 28, 2012 08:41PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Melissa Storm Oh, yes. I'll go check it out now. Well, since Fifty Shades *is* a Twilight fan fic, maybe I'll feel about it how I felt about Twilight. I was amazingly underwhelmed at first, but then it grew on me--mostly in light of all the poorly done copycats. I've come onto this site to adjust my Twilight Saga ratings many a time.

message 8: by Judith (new)

Judith Myla wrote: "and your even more retarded!! i am suprised you have any friends on this sight. you have a ugly haircut"
Hey Myla why don't you grow up you freaking A**hole. You don't even have a photo so I bet you're as ugly as a dog's rearend. Leave mt friend Emlyn alone and go play with your toys. keep it up and I'll report you. I bet you can't even read you weirdo freak.

AJ (Amber) Holy smokes, I'm not even sure how to react to all this 'banter'...I'm not a fan of the books, but kudos to you for deciding for yourself!

Robert Kingett the sad part is the book gets worse and worse

message 11: by Joann (new) - rated it 1 star

Joann Buchanan Stephanie Meyer's books were cool. It was realistic that a teenage girl would feel awkward and insecure. It isn't realistic that a college girl in her 20's has NEVER even...well you know. LAME!!

message 12: by Myla (new)

Myla haha i agree(:

message 13: by Melina (new)

Melina my sister (who barely ever reads) is trying to push this book/series on me. I'm staying as far away from it as possible. but I will go see the movie.

message 14: by Joann (new) - rated it 1 star

Joann Buchanan I refuse to see the movie. Ugh...

Melissa Storm I don't know who they're going to mainstream this to make it suitable. It's pretty bad when a book about sex is boring. I mean... WTF?!

message 16: by Joann (new) - rated it 1 star

Joann Buchanan Don't forget to add the oh my and holy crow to that....ugh.

Melissa Storm My inner goddess is nodding with a knowing smile

message 18: by M.L. (last edited Aug 29, 2012 08:20AM) (new)

M.L. Gammella I read the series when it was fanfiction. It was okay. It was free, so the editing (or lack of) was be tolerated. I certainly am NOT going to buy something I read for free. The quality of the writing is definitely on her publisher. Although you'd think a writer worth her salt would have taken out some of the repetative phrases (we know she knows how to use 'find/replace'). However, my biggest beef is that she published a fanfic story. Regardless of how original her story line is, she used Twilight as her springboard and characterizations (even if she changed the names and some of the more obvious Twilight references). I know of several fanfic writers who are pursuing writing original fiction (including myself) and I thoroughly encourage them. The ones that publish their fanfic stories? Not so much. I really, really wish they would use that energy and creativity on something entirely their own. Kwim?

That all being said, I encourage people to read it for themselves to make their own decision on the story. My opinion is soley my own. There is a kernel of a great story there, just poorly executed and riding the coattails of someone else's world.

Melissa Storm Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. My biggest problem is the fan fic angle as well. It's not even well disguised. She's blatantly ripping off Stephenie Meyer, and frankly, that pisses me off!

message 20: by Joann (new) - rated it 1 star

Joann Buchanan I read the free fan fic too and I have to say that she may have claimed it was fan fix but the truth is that she used the Twilight series and turned some sweet lovable characters into trash. That's all there is to it.

Tripster Guy Is it really a good book? I'm thinking of reading it, just for the sake of having the reputation of having read it. But i really want to know if it's worth it.

Melissa Storm IMHO, I really don't think it's worth getting started--especially if you're like me and insist on finishing once you start.

Robert Kingett Tripster Guy wrote: "Is it really a good book? I'm thinking of reading it, just for the sake of having the reputation of having read it. But i really want to know if it's worth it."

I’d have to say that the first book isn't worth reading. If you know the origin it's just a rated R film with a lot of media attention. It's Twilight for adults. If You’ve read twilight then you know the overall story of the first book

message 24: by Daisy (new) - added it

Daisy Paltrow LOL, I read the beginning of this book. I can't even tell you how far I got because that's how much I really didn't care. I stopped reading somewhere after she arrived home from her first encounter with Christian. I had to finally throw in the towel and if I'd had the physical book, I would have probably burned it!!! I hated the characters (ALL OF THEM) from the very beginning and the farther the story progressed the more I despised them!!! The writing was so horrific that I couldn't even get into the story because I found myself editing it instead! I cannot believe you have hung in there this long! Good for you, I wish I had that kind of will power!

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura Droege I hope you can stop hating reading soon! Hopefully, you'll find a book that renews your love for reading. :)

message 26: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Dias I refuse to read this series.

message 27: by Amber (new)

Amber I'm with Lindsay.

message 28: by James (new)

James Femmer "Practically hate reading altogether now." That should be printed as a blurb on every cover of this thing.

Melissa Storm Haha, James. I'd be willing to have them quote me on that :-D

message 30: by Karleene (new)

Karleene Morrow Hy Emlyn - you did better than I did. Couldn't finish by any stretch. Boo hiss

message 31: by Anissa (last edited Nov 03, 2012 05:16PM) (new)

Anissa That this took you three months to get through it tells me everything. When people who read books on a regular basis find something so low end on the literary scale this difficult to finish, I'd say there's a problem. And the answer isn't "keep reading through the rest of the series". Why would anyone who isn't enjoying the first book in a series invest more money or time on that series? There are far too many books to read to abide with characters you hate.

Glad you finally made it through. I decided long ago that I won't be reading it (I couldn't get through the sample on my Kindle) & I'm quite fine with my decision. ;)

Melissa Storm You're right, Anissa. I'm absolutely not reading further in the series. No way, no how!

message 33: by Rosey (new)

Rosey I'm not picking it up. So many things wrong with it. I can tell you how it ends, just like ALL "romance" books do.

message 34: by Marwan (new)

Marwan Soon?

Melissa Storm Ha, I know. Obviously this review didn't happen soon at all. I wanted to blog the review a few months ago, but nobody seemed interested anymore.

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