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The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
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With dystopian novels now all over my radar, I was so happy to see what The Forsaken had to offer. It’s definitely a novel unlike any I’ve ever read before, combining conspiracies and corrupt governments, mysteries and romance.

I loved Alenna. She’s grown up believing in this government and never would have thought anything different if she hadn’t been sent to the island. I was right there with her, wondering what was happening and how she could have been sent to a place that was supposed to only house criminals. I could never tell who could be trusted and who might turn traitor later on in the book. I loved how unpredictable this was! Ever time I thought that I had something figured out, the island would spring a new set of problems on Alenna and the others.

The enemies she has the face are definitely unique (and terrifying). There’s the cult of children led by a mysterious figure who attack whoever strays into their territory. And the feelers, strange machines that snatch children from the ground, never to return again. That means that no one is safe, no matter where you might try to hide yourself.

The way that The Forsaken is written gives the reader just enough information to understand what is going on but leaves more questions to be answered. Yet it isn’t so much that it will frustrate anyone. I really loved how the ending was done because I can see how smooth a transition it will be from this book to the next. Actually, the way it was set up, I’m thinking the sequel could be even more captivating!

I really recommend The Forsaken. This is a book for everything who loves great, unexpected plot twists; a more natural development of romance (!!); great characters, great bad guys, and the action and adventure to back it all up. Go out and read it so that you can discover it all for yourself!

5/5 stars

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