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On The Grind by Stephen J. Cannell
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Jul 28, 2012

really liked it
Read on July 28, 2012

This is one of those books that reads like butter cuts (smooth and simple). On the Grind is an action packed thrill ride and an easy read. I wanted to rate this book 4.5 stars (almost five stars) but alas there are no half stars. The characters are big and bold and there is that magic the reader experiences when a writer successfully paints villains with a streak of subtle likability which all the principal antagonists herein possess. There are two reasons I didn't rate On the Grind 5 stars. One is because the book is barreling down the freeway at 90 mph then at the very end of the book screeches to a halt with a jolt as the calvary arrive to save the day. The ending was an expected, very predictable ending. Not sure what alternatives might have been available but would have been nice to have experienced a twist at the end. Secondly, why is the young hispanic police officer thought to be a clean cop not explored more. Was he clean or dirty? We hear about this cop several times then the main character, Scully, meets this him at a party but nothing is ever resolved and we don't hear about this police officer again.

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