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The Girl with Borrowed Wings by Rinsai  Rossetti
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really, really different. original.
bit too corny, but cute nonetheless.
how she finally seperated her strings to her father (view spoiler) as simple and difficult as that.

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07/28/2012 "I’m sure it went even darker after that. The book wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t even particularly interesting; it was about a girl who learned how to knit! But now I felt as though I was hiding porn in my schoolbag."
07/28/2012 "This project meant much more than he had admitted. It was his way of offering me—what? He was handing his childhood memories over to me like a gift."
07/28/2012 "I looked at Sangris with an odd feeling, almost like a shock of recognition. He had no species, but I had no ethnicity. He had no world, but I had no country."
07/28/2012 "I didn’t want to depend on him. I wanted to be my freedom, my air, my light. What kind of freedom is it that has to be given to you by someone else?"
07/28/2012 "“There are lots of people in the world,” I said. “And living is . . . more complicated than that. There can never be one person who just comes along and defines you.”"
07/28/2012 "Love makes people complacent and self-absorbed. They all come to believe that nothing in the world is more important than their chosen one and their love. That’s just a form of arrogance, really. But love wraps it up in a sickly sweet bundle so that everyone is obliged to smile at it and act as if it’s somehow laudable. And it may draw two people together, but in doing so it alienates them from the rest of the world."

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Wendy Darling Another one of my friends said the same thing--a little cheesy, but cute. :)

message 2: by jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

jo mo so much time is dedicated in describing different countries and even a little of their national dishes and drinks (yum!)

i had no idea what to expect from this book and only had this horrible cover (not to mention i didn't imagine her like this at all) in front of me. needless to say, i was not disappointed or let down!

romance was cute and the decisions she made seemed plausible too considering how her parents always had her on a leash. also i was quite surprised how her (mostly) passive school friend also got some action time.

totally recommended!

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