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Ceaseless by Abbi Glines
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Jul 27, 2012

it was amazing

---This review or assessment or whatever you want to call is full of spoilers and references to the best books read with caution.... However, if you hadn't read the other books, you need to just click off for a moment and go read the other two, before you dive into the last book. I'm just saying ;)---


What's that sound? Is it the wind? No, that's just the sound of the most badass guy on the planet speeding away on a motorcycle. When Dank said they took all her memories, he was drop DEAD serious (pun intended). Pagan doesn't remember jack. While Dank is trying his very best to try and get her to remember him, Jay, her supposed soul mate and total nympho, wants to rekindle the flame that fizzled out and died the minute he left high school. Basically, it's a fight for Pagan's affection, and our beloved voodoo prince just may be rooting for the opposing side.

Pagan doesn't remember Dank, Gee, or even Leif. The winner will have to win her heart. Doesn't that sound like an amazing book? To top it all off in the ending was just amazing. Words can't even describe the amount of praise I am pouring onto the ending. I promise you I did not see that coming. And because I care about the lovely people of Goodreads, I'm not going to tell what that ending was and ruin it for the rest of the world. My advice? Read. The. Book.
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message 1: by Ivy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ivy G. You know, I keep reading all of these reviews & I am FREAKING OUT !!!
The way people are writing it's like she doesn't stay with Dank. If she doesn't stay with Dank, then I am going to be ROYALLY TICKED!!! lol.

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