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The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King
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Oct 31, 14

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4.5 stars!

Hands down, this is my FAVORITE Stephen King book.
I'm not saying this is his best piece of work, but (personal preferences 'n all) this is just what I happen to enjoy the most.
Erica has a stellar review that explains why this book should be revered above all other King books. And also touches another review that is total crap, written by a man who can normally be counted on to give good book recommendations.
Even though he tends to ramble, and add musical lyrics to all his reviews.
And does't actually talk about the book half of the time.
Or, let's face it, make sense. Because he's old. And weird.
Probably even smelly...but I have no proof of that one.
Still. He's our friend. Most days.

This one is actually a fairly simple fantasyish tale.

The Fearsome Dragon...

The Wise and Beautiful Queen...

The Evil Sorcerer...

The Decent but Stupid King...

The overlooked, sad, spiteful, kinda stupid, (Baby-Brother) Prince...

actual size may vary

Oops! Wait.
The Good and Decent Hero Prince...

The thing that I love about this story, is that it has that classic good over evil vibe to it. There are twists, but nothing mind-blowing. It reminds me of a the kind of fairytale/fantasy stuff my mom would read to me before bedtime.
Ok. She never read me anything with adult content in it, but that's not what I'm talking about.
This is just...
Good wins, and Evil takes a beat-down.
Sometimes it's nice to pretend that you're a kid, and you still believe that, you know?
Be noble, be kind, do the right thing...and everything will work out.
Remember that?
So, that's why I love this one.
The End.
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message 1: by Joseleinne (new)

Joseleinne OMG I must read this one then

Anne It's my favorite. But I don't lovelove horror, so that may be why this one is a winner for me?

message 3: by Joseleinne (new)

Joseleinne I read Joyland and I didn't like it.Since then I'm not reading Mr.King books anymore LOL but maybe He deserves a second chance.

Jeff I'm not old or *sniffs arm pits* smelly, yet.

Anne What. Ever. *sniffs the air around Jeff*

Joseleinne, I would hate to sucker you into this, and you hate it as much as smelly Jeff. I love it, because it feels like a fairytale with a Kingesque spin on it.
And I honestly haven't read much of King's recent (past 15 years) stuff.

Kelly (and the Book Boar) This review is AWESOME . . . and I really wanna be a spiteful stupid baby prince for Halloween.

Anne Can you pull of Spiteful Stupid Baby Prince, Kelly?
I'm hoping to pull off Lurking-In-The-Background-Mom for Halloween.

Kelly (and the Book Boar) Well, the facial hair helps with the "prince" part. I figured one of those giant baby binkies from the Halloween store will convince everyone I'm supposed to be a "baby prince."

Anne Or.
A lady who forgot to wax, and has that Dress-Up-Like-A-Baby fetish.

Kelly (and the Book Boar) Yes! Luckily there's still time to throw that one together before my kid's Halloween party at school.

message 11: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne OMG! Can you imagine their reaction?!
Adult diapers...$30
Tube top...$20
Look on your child's face at school party?

Kelly (and the Book Boar) That's what they get for sending a note home LAST NIGHT that said "no bloody or gory costumes." Ummmm, I'm pretty sure a ZOMBIE fits into both of those verbotten categories. Bastards!

message 13: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne School sure has changed, huh?
My kids' schools don't allow costumes...

Kelly (and the Book Boar) Oh, that was included in our note too - how "lucky the kids are to still get to dress up." Wellllll, if you're going to tell the parents the rules the DAY BEFORE THE PARTY I bet a lot of the kids won't be dressing up (or will flat out break the dresscode).

Erica This is now the best review of this book in the entire world. BEST!
 photo Seal_zps32ad5d48.png

Erica Did you guys see this very timely and wise article? Did I post it here yesterday? I can't remember.
Dementia, and all. Or all those ingrown nose hair moustaches poking my brains out, I guess.
anyway, here is an excellent article from the HuffPo parent blog about Halloween in the 70's vs Today:

message 17: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

And, yes, people are nuts over this crap.
Somehow we all survived to adulthood...

message 18: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Excellent review! ...oh and I love those visual aids ;)

message 19: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne Thanks, Jennifer! I had been looking up Halloween costumes for the kids...can you tell? LOL!

message 20: by Kat Stark (new)

Kat Stark Nice pictures there Anne :) you like my spamming yet.

Jessica (Rabid Reads) Huh . . . I could maybe read this one . . . it might even get me over my King hurdle (left over from adolescence) . . . Huh . . . ;)

message 22: by Anne (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne This is a very un-Kingly King book, Jessica. Which is why I like it, I think? I'm not a fan of depressing horror stories, so this one worked for me.

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