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1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
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Mar 12, 2016

really liked it
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Why a planet Earth with two moons?

It’s not the first time I encounter, quite recently, that scenario*. The British conspiracy theorist David Icke lectured on our planet having once a different moon…gone; this one we see, almost daily, being a planetoid.

Also recently, I was reading Whitley Strieber (2012-the war for souls): in his book there’s also this two-moons scenario.


Are humans unsatisfied with one moon only? Should the ebb and flow of sea waves change…and other phenomena?. What if, in fact, two moons were the usual sky landscape? What changes in humans would occur? Especially in their psychology?

I would add to the speculation this book: What If the Earth Had Two Moons?: And Nine Other Thought-Provoking Speculations on the Solar System
by Neil F. Comins.

Murakami’s book is a book about questioning (Q). It has two great characters; I would call them the two pillars: they share a part of their childhood,the reader will conclude, but they never meet later in life; they are Aomame and Tengo.

They have also in common this personal/private vision of an earth with two moons, with different colors each. There’s some “disconnect” in them,compared to other ordinary human beings. Two worlds in their lives. Almost, two personalities in each of them.

I am not sure in what world I am,…or year;
-we’re in 1984, Tokyo, Japan.

But there’s no great similitude with Orwell’s novel:
”whoever controls the past controls the future”; “whoever controls the present controls the past”.

The movie/book is a Stalinist parable: with a big Brother. In Murakami’s we read:”today there’s no place for Big Brother”; instead: the little people took over.

Yet: there’s: “a consistently, invisible, indefinable presence: undermining us".

I need to give you some characterization of the main characters of the book; you’ll connect the dots…of meaning.

“She [Aomame] was convinced she was no more living in year 1984, but in the transformed year 1Q84”. She had been a Jehovah’s witness while a child. But she left the association. Aomame, a physical education teacher and karate and acupuncture expert, had cut ties with her family. Now, on her own,she gets killing assignments, from an old widow .She kills men. She had to do research like the 1981 shootings involving the police versus the Vanguard sect. The case Tsubasa would, soon, get into her hands.

Tengo is a math teacher. Tengo had persistent flashes from two years old; images about his mother and someone else; he wonders if these memories are real or produced. He’s got doubts about the “father” who raised him. The collector of TV taxes, who forced him to go with him on Sundays: from house to house,collecting. The one who messed with his childhood.

Tengo had been fixing the book from a late-teen girl: Fuka; content is good, but the writing needs fixing. He gets to know of her past…and sects like Sakigake (Vanguard) ; the sect has a guru with special powers; and the guru has raped a girl called Tsubasa. From her mouth got out the little people, while she sleeps.

Tengo would think: I don’t want to attract a JINX on my writing”. The Fuka/Tengo book would later become a best seller; but Fuka would disappear.

At his apartment Tengo reads Chekhov to Fuka: the story of the Russian writer living in Sacalina isle for a while; there, Chekhov, a medical doctor, describes the life of the Guliaks (a near extinction people); the Guliaks apparently don’t use logical thinking but meditation and dream; they never wash; have no family authority; no notions on superior or inferior, or justice. Tengo wonders on why the Russian author made such an absurd thing; it was a peregrination to wash his soul of impurities. He wanted to visit the sick spot of his nation.

Tengo reflects on his own brain: time may twist/bend…; he wants to rewrite the past. What we call present is the result of one accumulation of the past. “I would like to rewrite the present…but if you would rewrite the past, present would change too”.

And Fuka asks Tengo about 1984,the novel. He explains: it’s about totalitarianism: people are controlled by a Big Brother. It’s about History being constantly rewritten; employees who work to correct words.

Fuka had been raised by sensei Ayumi; he reads Mc Luhan:”the means is the language”; he was ahead of his time. Sensei had a great force and deep wisdom. BUT THE LITTLE PEOPLE HAVE GOT A DEEP WISDOM AND FORCE AS BIG AS HIS.
Tengo muses: “I’m in world which is not this one in the other world there are two moons”. Bizarre things would happen if this world would have two moons.

Someone in the novel had a degree in literature (about Dickens); there, she learned the difference between lunatic and insane; a lunatic is a captive of the moon; if he/she commits a crime than he/she’s not responsible. In Dickens time they acknowledged the moon got people insane**.

Two moons would make things worse.

Aomame is just a lunatic ...right?
And Tengo: an Orwellian rewriter?


"The tales of the full moon and insanity,madness and heightened bleeding are quite true.You know that television influences you to a great degree.The moon is the same way".

Barbara Marciniak, in 'Earth'.

(blue moon,31st July 2015)
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sanny Oh, I see from the photo that Wataya-san and Anzai-san seemed to be touring an area which might be featured in 1Q84. I wonder if they'd see the Dowager's residence or something...

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